So there’s gratitude for you

Julian Assange has launched legal action against the government of Ecuador, arguing that new house rules for his stay in the country’s London embassy violate his “fundamental rights and freedoms”, his lawyers said on Friday.

Assange’s lawyer, Baltasar Garzón, said the WikiLeaks founder was suing Ecuador’s foreign minister, José Valencia, for “isolating and muzzling” him with the new rules, which order Assange to avoid making online political comments and to take better care of his cat.

“He has been held in inhuman conditions for more than six years,” Garzón said, describing the conditions regarding the cat as “denigrating”.

He added Assange had not had his internet restored even though the new rules allow him to use the embassy wifi for his personal computer and phone.

He’d be out of jail by now if he’d surrendered. As it is he’s still got a sentence for skipping bail to serve….

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  1. You seem to be hitting the vino down in old Portuugaal a bit too hard Tim.

    Trump’s election owes more than a little to Assange.

    Now he is a leftist but one of those fast-vanishing types who actually believed in stuff like freedom (certain kinds of it at least) and democracy. And found himself appalled by the floating shite who have dragged their already wicked and poison creed into new depths. New depths for the West anyway.

    The endless bullshit about “agents/operatives” etc that his revelations are supposed to have got killed still have produced no actual names or circumstances to prove any such claims. After 6 (or 8 is it now) years still no actual evidence to support or substantiate any such claims. National Security of course.

    As for “out of jail by now”–you can only be joking Tim. The “rape” cockrot was just to facilitate the US Deep State getting their slimey hands on him. And a longer sentence than poor Ross Ulbricht.

  2. Mr Ecks,

    Really? If the famously compliant with US requests British government wouldn’t randomly hand him over (or rendition him), you think the Swedes would? You’ve been imbibing a la fantasie Julian.

    Anyway – would he have been convicted anyway?

  3. Well they didn’t get the chance did they SE?

    They took their leisure about matters and Assange ducked them. Likely they are still fumin’.

  4. Julian Assange reckons it’s one of his fundamental rights to neglect a cat. His lawyer’s complaints includes Ecuador telling him to look after his cat or they would take it away. One might wonder whether the lawyer is trying to remind people what a little **** Assange is.

  5. Well a punch around the chops should serve as a cat reminder–if the story has in it the slightest glimmer of truth.

    The rest of his life in jail would be for making clear how corrupt and creepy deepsters* are spying on us and turning Western nations into police states.

    Assange may be an ego-maniac–lots of movers/shakers are–and he MAY deserve a punch IF he has been neglecting a pet.. He has however done good service and helped Trump get in.

    *deepster = deep state agents/supporters.. This is for Martin so he can note the birth of new nomenclature and not lose his way-again.

  6. What makes it amusing is that London has gone from one of the plum postings in the Ecuadorean diplomatic service to one where you’ll get fed up of cleaning up after catshit.
    You broke the law of the land and you’re on the run? ok me casa su casa? 7 years later. the joke’s on Ecuador. ha ha ha

  7. I know lawyers are utterly devoid of shame whatsoever (how could they possibly do their job otherwise?) but how can he claim his client is ‘held in inhuman conditions’ when he’s free to walk out of the front door anytime he wants?

  8. Presumably the Ecuadorean response, in the style of Pressdram v Arkell, will read in its entirety:

    “Mr Assange knows where the door is.”

  9. If Assange had gone to Sweden, he would have been pretty immune from extradition to the US. Staying in the UK, he was not. His crime as far as the UK is concerned is skipping bail – and that’s not ‘alleged’. His crime(s) in Sweden were ‘alleged’. The man’s a fool as well as a tosser.

  10. He has the fundamental human right to walk out of the front door any moment he wishes, and never return.

    “Held in inhuman conditions”. He’s spent so long using the distorted leftist meaning of words that he can no longer tell the difference.

  11. What’s the crime the US can do him on? He’s not a citizen so he can’t be a traitor. He didn’t even steal any info; just published it.

    I think he’s a dick but I don’t get what the US can do him for.

  12. Would you want to risk the rest of your life in supermax on “pretty immune”?

    Maybe he came here cos he had foolish notions of what this nation once was–you know sheltering shite like Karl Marx etc. And realised his mistake a bit late.

    Who knows. The fact still is that he played a worthwhile part in helping Trump against Killery and he helped let us know the extent to which the scum are spying on us. Nor was he guilty of any of the Swedish Sex crapola which was an obvious ploy.

  13. DJ–That sort of stuff no longer matters much. The “rules” will be ignored where it suits the scum.

    The EU is a case in point. In theory–under EU rules–any of the 27 could shoot down any stich up on us, should –God forbid– the FFC get away with her evil. The Poles, Hungary, Italy –any of them could veto any “agreement”. Do you think the EU will allow that to happen– “rules” or not?

  14. “He has however done good service and helped Trump get in.”

    He was partly responsible for releasing information that the Trump campaign used effectively. Only very indirectly did he help Trump get in.

    Assange is a leftist scumbag – supported by a long list of leftist scumbags including Lula da Silva, Jeremy Corbyn, John Pilger, Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, Chelsea Manning, etc.

  15. This should be a sitcom. “Assange in the Embassy” or something. Have the staff constantly trying to get him to leave, like a reverse of Sorry, and a Mrs Slocombe character finding the cat and how someone really needs to give this pussy a trim.

  16. “He was partly responsible for releasing information that the Trump campaign used effectively. Only very indirectly did he help Trump get in.”

    The FBI and email capers are rather more important than that Theo. Most leftists would have suppressed all that NOT released it so Trump could use it.

    Leftist puke or not he has done something to help the cause of good and NOTHING to deserve the supermax lifestyle for the rest of his days.

  17. Mr Ecks – the US politicians would likely not agree with you.
    If he can be made to disappear – and end up in supermax or Guantanamo bay then even better.
    Note you don’t have to be a US citizen to be treated badly and tortured. In fact they prefer people not to be. So much easier.

    Oh and I agree with you.

  18. This should be a sitcom. “Assange in the Embassy” or something. Have the staff constantly trying to get him to leave, like a reverse of Sorry, and a Mrs Slocombe character finding the cat and how someone really needs to give this pussy a trim.

    Yes, the cat is the cherry on the cake. Special guest appearances by Donald Trump in his dreams, linguistic mixups with the embassy staff, there’s loads of material there. Throw in him doing a regular radio show phone in too. It writes itself.

  19. US “Democrats” are still exceeding sore with him and are piling in in Congressional and Senatorial committees to squeeze Ecuador’s nuts.

    I suspect that the lad is suffering a severe case of cabin fever and he’s been listening to some fashionable lawyers …

    It’s probably not going to end well.

  20. I’m amazed to find myself agreeing with Mr Ecks.

    IMO Assange, for all, some or any of his faults, has been confined to a small space for quite a few years now, at risk of “rendition” to the USA, for being involved with a bunch of people who provided evidence that showed what scum our great leaders and their deep state are.

    “Wow – look at those dead bodies” – see the video !

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