So, who knows people in Malawi then?

I seem to recall that a reader here knows the country. Something about Blantyre wanders around the back of memory.

What is needed is someone who knows the ruling apparatus. Who grants licences and how.

for an adventure of very great profit but none to know what it is.

13 thoughts on “So, who knows people in Malawi then?”

  1. A long-since ex-girlfriend’s dad used to be an agent for a big tobacco company there.

    I guess that doesn’t help much.

  2. Bloke who does actually know people in Malawi

    So you want a reader to put you in touch with the relevant apparatchik without telling them what this profitable (for you) adventure is; presumably without any upside for the person providing the contacts. Sounds like a good deal

  3. Recreational cannabis is about to be legal in Canada. It’s even – with difficulty no doubt – possible to import medical cannabis if not recreational. Cannabis is $3 a kg in Malawi.

    Should be possible to construct something out of that.

  4. If it becomes legal, won’t its price go down? Be about as valuable as flour.

    A good argument for legalisation, in fact.

  5. Same bloke as earlier

    It sounds like it might be worth you visiting to see what it’s like on the ground. Unlikely that growing cannabis would be legal.

    Malawi produces very good coffee which would go down a storm in the rich world given half a chance yet we hear nothing of it. Why? Because Malawi imposes punitive export taxes.

    Definitely worth a fact-finding mission. Incredible part of the world. But there is a reason it isn’t an inward investment hotspot.

  6. Hello Mister Tim

    I can gets you much chamba – Malawi Gold from Nkhotakota. It is the bestest! But it illegal to grow here. So you needs a me to help you! You just transfer $1000 in Bitcoin to me wallet.

  7. mate of mine is in the VC world, came to us recently with a proposal to invest in a Canadian growing company who would list in the next 18 months, become as big as Tilray who had already listed in June. all was going well until we realised that we were in a jurisdiction where cannabis in any form wasn’t legal….proceeds of crime and all that…game a bogey…

  8. NZ is very likely to legalise shortly, and there is already a significant amount of cash looking to find a home growing. I really can’t see it being that profitable other than being slightly better margin than most cash crops, the stuff grows like a weed here.

  9. David Moore, I’m no expert, but having sat through a couple of talks on the Proceeds of Crime Act, I thought they’d now removed its application to things done abroad that were legal in the place they were done.

    So as long as your cannabis growing & selling is done in countries where it’s legal, I thought you were OK with bringing the profits back to the UK.

    Otherwise all sorts of things could be subject to the POCA (e.g. Whitbread recently bought a German hotel chain, where the bars can legally sell beer to 16 year olds; are their profits subject to confiscation in the UK?)

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