The torture was before Whitney Houston, was it?

Two men who tortured a victim before forcing him to strip naked and dance to Whitney Houston songs have been jailed for 15 years.

10 thoughts on “The torture was before Whitney Houston, was it?”

  1. Two more imported SOS given a risible punishment of which they will serve a fraction in jails increasingly run by their gang because of the cowardice of the British state.

    Who are already dancing turds without need of coercion.

  2. He said: “The two of you were content to use violence as a form of control. Threats and coercion were used to engender obedience.”

    But was the judge talking about the accused or West Yorkshire Police, here? So hard to tell with modern law enforcement.

  3. Not fair comment really on Whitney, by any standards she had a soaring outstanding voice. A rare talent, ultimately wasted, literally.

  4. Yeah, she sold shit songs to millions of people before autotune destroyed the foetid remains of popular music. RSPCT.

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