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  1. £500m in legal fees, even for some expensive barristers at £1k per hour, would be 500,000 hours, or 57 years, billing 24 hours per day 365 days per year.

    More practically, a rather heavy 8 billed hours per day for 220 working days per year would mean 284 billed years .

    But then journos have no feeling for numbers…

  2. One very happy lawyer.

    I’m obviously not as worldly a person as our rugged journalist and “fact Sherpa”, who understands the world and explains it to us, but I realised 3ns after seeing it that the £500m was absurdly wrong.

    So why didn’t she see it? She obviously saw £500m, as the whole point of the tweet is to point out it is a greater sum than what he paid into the pension plan. She obviously believed this was a plausible figure. The mind boggles.

  3. The fact that she works for the Financial Times doesn’t change the fact that she’s a “journalist”. When you’re thick as a plank it doesn’t really matter where you are… you’re still thick as a plank.

  4. From LinkedIn:
    “Freelance journalist and editor based in London. I write features, report and comment on the intersection of social issues, global development, business, technology, culture and sustainability.

    Published in US and UK titles, including the Financial Times, the Guardian, Quartz, Pacific Standard, New Internationalist, Fast Company, BBC Travel, the Telegraph, the Independent, Refinery29, PR Week US and the Economist Intelligence Unit.

    TV and radio experience including live commentary on BBC Radio 4 Today, CNN, Sky News, BBC World Service, ITV Lunchtime News, BBC Radio 5 Live and BBC Radio Two.

    Most recently worked as commissioning editor at Guardian Careers, writing, editing and commissioning stories to do with work and careers
    Former launch editor for Campaign US in New York. Previously senior reporter for Marketing, Brand Republic, Campaign and Media Week, covering the digital and tech beat”

    A First in English Literature from Cardiff University apparently.

  5. She’s a freelancer producing right-on fluffy guff for FT sponsored supplements. She might write for a financial paper but she’s not a financial journalist.

    That’s true, but I’m not sure how many other FT employees would qualify as ‘financial journalists’.

  6. There was a time the pink’un was regarded as a source of reliable information. Investment decisions involving millions of pounds were made on the basis of what was in its pages.

    These days the Beano would put it in the shade.

  7. Mr. Scoper

    It’s pretty amazing that the folk who gave birth to this idiot knew enough to know what to stick into what…

  8. “Never understood why fares at peak times are most expensive when in fact should be cut price to compensate people for it being the most god awful miserable time to travel”

    That’ll cut down the overcrowding!

  9. @BiS
    Yes, there was a time when you bought the FT to find out the value of your investments. These days (decades!), not so much.

  10. Bloke in Tejas:

    Nuthin’ to it. If you just stick everything in every place you can
    stick it, you’ll (eventually) get it right (whether you’ll know just which place you’ve stuck it was “the right one,”–not so much).

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