This is all interim

Shock, horror, disaster:

A leading businessman has been granted an injunction against The Telegraph to prevent this newspaper revealing alleged sexual harassment and racial abuse of staff.

The accusations against the businessman, who cannot be identified, would be sure to reignite the #MeToo movement against the mistreatment of women, minorities and others by powerful employers.

Yes, terrible behaviour. Undoubtedly.

It’s an interim injunction until the matter has gone to full trial. Back to sleep everyone.

11 thoughts on “This is all interim”

  1. “On Tuesday night, Maria Miller, who chairs the Commons Women and Equality committee, said it was “shocking” that NDAs were still being used to gag victims…”

    Quite right, Maria. They should use the old fashioned Rochdale method of denying that it was happening and persecuting whitleblowers so as not to upset minorities ‘cultures’.

  2. Gosh, surely they don’t want to jeapordise a trial buy shouting out this information before the trial begins? I thought only far right weirdos did that?

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    Presumably this applies to all media outlets and not just the very special Telegraph? This is like the BBC which uses codes like “the BBC has learnt” to indicate that some other organisation, usually Sky, has beaten them to the story.

    Anyway, I thought the current thinking was that as soon as a man is accused it has to be widely publicised so that more victims can make up stories come forward?


  4. How terrible not being able to subject him to trial by Twitter, declare him guilty (a formality in any event since it has already been decided there is a victim) then hang him after ritual, abuse and public humiliation.

    We could save a ton of money by shutting down the these days superfluous criminal justice system.

  5. How terrible that someone who has paid off at least 5 women and spent > £500,000 on legal fees trying to suppress the news of his numerous NDAs should be suspected of having sexually harassed his employees.

    I have no doubt that he spent all that money protecting himself from unfounded accusations.

    I shall be surprised if we don’t all know who it was by tomorrow and a good thing too. Rich and powerful men have been able to suppress stories about their appalling behaviour for too long.

  6. No idea if it is that twat Branson, but there have certainly been plenty of accusations over his behaviour recently-ish.

  7. Have they stopped the wheeze whereby the Scottish papers just ignored the English courts and published anyway?

  8. Given the right to anonymity for the accuser in some of these cases surely there’s times when revealing the accused would be equivalent to revealing the accuser so is blocked or at least a reason for granting an injunction
    Seem to recall someone being done for it a while back as his comment he was involved in a case was enough for people to infer who the complainant was

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