Verdict first, trial later

Opposition MPs call for tycoon’s knighthood to be revoked after Peter Hain uses Lords speech to name him

21 thoughts on “Verdict first, trial later”

  1. Socialism in action.

    The Orange Arsehole Hain needs to be arrested. For he has done, has he not, what Tommy Robinson was framed for supposedly doing?

    Pisspot Parliamentary Privilege? Itself pissed on and abused to enable marxist femminist scum to kick off a UK firestorm of lying , evidence-free leftist boo hoo cockrot accusations. An attempted Yewtree re-start. And another string to the bow of subjectivist ” facts/evidence are white male patriarchy” leftist bullshit

    Hain should be punished. But the FFC loves wallowing in Marxist femmi-shit and a distraction from her betrayal of Brexit is just what Doctor Marx ordered. Hain will not be in HMP Onley, cell opposite the mosque, anytime soon.

  2. Tommy Robinson’s mistake was not being enobled and abusing, sorry using Parliamentary Privilege to make his point.

    Shin has shown clear contempt for the Law here.

  3. Will be interesting to see if they argue that a fair trial is now impossible.

    Thanks Mr Hain – justice served.

  4. Will be interesting to see if they argue that a fair trial is now impossible.

    Thanks Mr Hain – justice served.

    If he doesn’t have a trial then he is ‘guilty’ forever. With a trial there’s always the chance he could be found innocent, and that would never do.

  5. Meanwhile now isn’t the time to get rid of a bullying speaker.

    It’s like they’re making it up as they go along…

  6. Sure, verdict first. But was his knighthood ever for services to anything but his own bank balance in the first place?

  7. @KJ
    I doubt that many on here would deny that he’s a scumbag (I certainly don’t). Do you believe that means he’s not entitled to a fair hearing?

    It’s almost as though Peter Hain thinks the law should not apply to him personally, if he’s doing something he perceives to be right. A belief that has been evident in his actions since he was a student.

  8. @BiGiJ
    What are any knighthoods for? They’re for sports players or thesps or businesspeople who’ve made lots of money from doing something they’re good at (plus a horde of public ‘servants’ who’ve spent a lifetime deciding which drawer to keep their paperclips in).

    People who’ve selflessly spent decades actually helping their local communities might get an MBE, if they’re really lucky.

  9. As Tim has said before, legal rights are there to cover those we don’t like, as well as those we do.

    I’m pretty sure Hain didn’t know about the law firm’s involvement. The problem for him, is that (apparently) the firm’s name was on the first page of the judges’ judgement.

    Which rather suggests he hadn’t read it.

    Which rather suggests he is just gunning for Green, doesn’t it?

    And that’s besides all three judges coming to the opposite conclusion, as well as some of those covered by the NDA.

    I think Hain has some questions to answer.

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