Well, yes, but

Many Brazilians are concerned that Mr Bolsonaro, an admirer of Brazil’s 1964-1985 military dictatorship and a defender of its use of torture on leftist opponents, will trample on human rights, curtail civil liberties and muzzle freedom of speech.

Not enough of them though:

With 94 percent of the ballots counted, Mr Bolsonaro had 56 percent of the votes in the run-off election against left-wing hopeful Fernando Haddad of the Workers Party (PT), who had 44 percent, according to the electoral authority TSE.

19 thoughts on “Well, yes, but”

  1. Looking back at it I wonder of it was the death of Lady Di that Marked the UK`s loss of sanity . I was thinking how reprehensible of me it is that I expect jabbering Hispanics to do this sort of thing. You know, fawning over glamorous women , drooling over dictators in big white hats or chanting dog eared Leninist clap trap.

    We can`t feel superior anymore can we. Xenophobic fantasists in charge and collectivist gibberish as the alternative, might s well live in Brazil , at least they can dance

  2. Penny Red is still up and funny. Apparently this is the end of the world (again).

    “Our ancestors who lived in times of open, naked despotism were no more heroic than us, no more certain than us. They were terrified and overwhelmed. They wanted to believe it wasn’t true. They wanted it all to go away. They wanted everyone to calm down. They had doubts, too.”

  3. wonder of it was the death of Lady Di that Marked the UK`s loss of sanity

    Could be. A Labour government was voted in soon after.

  4. Although another prize awarded for cultural inexactitude. Brasilians aren’t Hispanic. The speak & are culturally Portuguese..

  5. Returned from the cockrot mines Facepainter?

    And back with such telling and insightful observations too. Of course anyone who doesn’t kiss the arse of well-off WOMI scum like you MUST be mad ipso facto eh?

    Silly, childish and moronic emotion is a part of the human condition. It shouldn’t be necessary to point that out to a remainiac hack like you. Emotional instability, breakdown and mental illness are what your EU sucking cult are all about. You see it in yourself and your scummy “friends” daily.

    And also ,of course, in your mirror you see greed, monomaniac self interest and a psychopathic disdain for anyone not of use to middle class CM dross like youself .

  6. On the plane this morning, they were handing out copies of the FT weekend edition, something I seldom read. I was amazed to find they are all still soiling themselves over Brexit, Trump and the bewildering refusal of proles all over the world to do as they’re told.

    I am fairly sure some of their columnists have been writing the same article for the past 18 months. There’s one chap – a Dutchman living in Paris – who can’t seem to let Brexit go and it’s not really any of his concern.

    Every article has to have a derogatory reference to Trump, Brexit or populism, even if it’s obviously shoehorned in. It’s jut pathetic.

    Anyway, seeing that level of petulance from a once-serious newspaper puts the rantings of our own Remainhysteria in context. Better minds than his have been o’erthrown.

  7. The Left spent decades calling everyone right of centre “far-right”, they diluted the word into meaninglessness. When someone genuinely far right appeared, as this fella undoubtedly is, their claims had no effect.

    Anyway, South American country elects nutter/dictator – not exactly news, is it? There have been a few.

  8. Many leftists seem to think that if you’re an anti-communist, as any decent human being should, you must be a Nazi.

    @Dongguan John

    “Could be. A Labour government was voted in soon after.”

    Labour was voted in before Diana died. Don’t you remember Princess Tony emoting about it on TV?

  9. “Grist
    Well, if you put your socialist cap on, that means Fernando will win”

    If you put your socialist cap on, Fernando DID win.

    Not least because none of the many millions of dead Brazilians voted for Bolsonaro so if you look at the percentage of all Brazilians who have ever lived, only 3% voted for Bolsanaro so he didn’t really win and it’s not fair and only stupid people voted for him and clever and kind people vote socialist and it’s neo liberal.

  10. if you read the guardian you would imagine that Bolsonaro had just invaded Brazil riding on top of a tank, rather than winning 55% of the vote. Pathetic as usual.

  11. Ecstasy!

    All the right people’s heads are exploding.

    After BREXIT, Trump, Orban, Morawiecki, Salvini and Bolsanaro, you’d think they might get the message, but no, the people are wrong and appalling, and they are right, cf. Simon Jenkins in today’s Guardian.

  12. ‘will trample on human rights, curtail civil liberties and muzzle freedom of speech’

    How dare he! That’s the LEFT’S JOB !!!

    I don’t know anything about Bolsonaro. I do know that fascism is leftist. The press’s declaration that Bolsonaro is far-right has a good chance of being completely wrong.

  13. The Ideology section reads little different to that of the Sweden Democrats, Danish People’s Party or sinilar. In that case, why wouldn’t I vote for Bolsonaro? That’s the trouble with Wikipedia – the ideology section doesn’t properly explain the issues at hand.

    I do see that Bolsonaro is a bit of a fan of the old “love it or leave it” slogan though.

  14. “…will trample on human rights, curtail civil liberties and muzzle freedom of speech”

    Remind me how those are going in the socialist eutopia of Venezuela?

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