What company I keep

Usual type of nutter, wants to tell everyone they’re wrong,. Sends tweets to following list:

cc: @paulkrugman,@GeorgeWill,@Worstall,@JosephEStiglitz,@catoinstitute, @BrianDomitrovic

10 thoughts on “What company I keep”

  1. That’s absolutely nothing. My nutter also emails:

    Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences
    Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters
    University of Copenahgen
    Rector and Directors, Rigshospitalet Copenhagen
    Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters
    Swiss Federal Office of Agriculture
    Luxembourg Ministry of Agriculture

    Unfortunately, it then it gets a bit odd:
    Dairy UK
    Organization of the Dutch dairy supply chain
    Israel Dairy Board
    Japanese National Committee of the International Dairy Federation.

  2. No-one ever emails me to tell me I am wrong. Therefore I am always right.

    *Other logical fallacies available on request.

  3. Rob, that does not obey Murph’s law of fallacies… People email me to tell me I am wrong but they are the ones in the wrong

  4. I feel about Twatter in the same way as I felt about those people who attempted to have text message conversations with me & now try to do the same via Whatsapp. You might have unlimited time on your hands. I don’t. Life’s too short & there are plenty of real & interesting things to do in it.

  5. BiG: you are obviously unaware that Britain is run by a cabal lodged in the curdled heart of the Milk Marketing Board.

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