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Apparently 1 in 200 are paedophiles

The viewing of indecent images of children is so prevalent that people probably know someone within their circle who does it, Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner said today.

Human society tends to be organised in over lapping groups of the 200 known to any one specific person. Thus if everyone knows one then incidence will be around that one in two hundred – 0.5%.

Which does seem extraordinarily high, about the same as the claimed incidence of trans, isn’t it?

If we include hebephiles, ephebephiles etc, then perhaps but actual paedophiles?

27 thoughts on “Apparently 1 in 200 are paedophiles”

  1. Say 68 million population.

    That would mean that the vile, stupid, murdering Globalist bitch believes that there are 340,000 paedos in the UK?

    Three and one half times the present prison population?

    Whorseshit ( and evil deceit)..

    Is this some new BluLabour marx-femmi ploy? Does she think that the obscene villainy of Yewtree was not enough.? Is the FFC hiding behind the smoke and stench of this nonsense? As she was with the Saunders creature? After the Brexit betrayal May has an entire raft of tyrannical shite on the way–internet attacks, 15 years inside for even looking at what the scum deem “extremist material” on the Net etc etc. Is this May’s plan for a new wave of show trials of imaginary paedos?

    It all has the stink of a tyrannical attempt to keep the lid on after her Brexit betrayal with endless repression.

    And of course it is a certainty that she will sign up to the UN Global Elite shite in December–Merry Christmas Whitey–to ensure that the replacement of the white population and criminalising of anyone who objects can go ahead a s a p.

    The Tory Party Theo? Most pay money to try and overcome impotence. It seems the Tory membership just love paying to be impotent. Might as well vote Corbyn in and let him destroy the UK.

    At least socialism will get the blame then.

  2. Auberon Waugh once wrote that if paedophilia was as prevalent as is widely claimed, it could no longer be regarded as aberrant.

    I had to look up ephebophilia (will that get me on the nonce list?) and it seems odd that it is considered a separate branch of sexual desire – surely 15-19 was considered prime child-bearing age for much of human history?

  3. That is the point I’m trying to make MC.

    The difference is that Jizza is “own brand” socialist evil. Not the lying scum of BluLabour who peddle marx-shite with the false “free market” label on it.

    Let socialismo get the blame for the evil of socialismo.

  4. It’s definition widening, innit. “Has an exclusive or predominant sexual interest in prepubescent children” certainly isn’t 1 in 200. “Has oppprtunistically molested a minor”, I could just about grok that at 1 in 200, in the West. Higher in other places. “Once clicked on some non-kosher pr0n and failed to look away immediately” probably a lot more than 1 in 200, especially if you count teens sexting. But paedophilia- wherever we draw the line – should not really include that latter in the definition.

  5. As it is her, the flag bearer of Common Purpose, you know the definition will be artificially inflated, politically driven bollocks.


  6. Not to forget cartoon porn is child porn, cgi trolls shagging cgi elves is child porn, slightly built eighteen year olds are child porn, cast the net wide enough etc.

  7. Ecks isn’t wrong. When you’re told something, your first response should be to ask yourself why you’re being told it?

  8. In case you thought that Sara Thornton represented a new and sensible theory of policing, along comes Troilus Twat, the nemesis of Brazilian electricians to talk nonsense again, as ever.

  9. ‘It is estimated that at least 80,000 people in the UK pose a sexual threat to children online.’

    ‘Online’ ???

    What does this even mean?

    ‘Javid said he was “demanding” companies take “more measures” particularly in preventing the uploading of images to their platforms and reducing the number of images – or face new legislation.’

    Ahhh. Platforms MUST start managing content. Or else!

    Once you have them managing some content, you can demand they manage other content. This is the camel’s nose. And how can you fight it? Everyone is against child porn.

    Okay, well, 99.5% are against it.

  10. What Rob and BiW said.

    And read Paul Gambaccini’s account of his farcical attest to see just how debased our police ‘service’ has become under the aegis of Common Purpose senior ranks.

  11. Even if Cressida simply means she likes small green leaves she’s still a very aptly named Met Police Commissioner.

  12. JuliaM – I noted this:

    Five years ago this week, veteran BBC radio presenter Paul Gambaccini was woken in his luxury London apartment by a team of eight officers from the Metropolitan Police.

    Eight! To arrest a middle aged man who’s so mild he could be made of melba toast.

    Guess how many coppers Plod grudgingly sent when a gang of gypsies invaded our car park and started threatening employees? (Before telling us “nothing we can do about it, guv”.)

  13. Steve–They sent 16 for the arrest of scrawny former H-addict Pete Townshend.

    Most likely so the arseholes could boast: “I was one o’them that harrested that Pete Townsend bloke you know”.

  14. Steve, years ago plod shut down the entire Kettering town centre for a pikey funeral. All the roads around the centre closed for hours.

    i emailed the council asking if they would do the same for my gran.

    got a reply calling me a racist.

  15. ‘…people probably know someone within their circle who does it…’

    Because pædophilia being so socially acceptable and not at all illegal, people are really open about it so they are sure to inform ‘their circle’.

    Of course we see the word ‘probably’ which translated means, according to what I think it should be in the absence a shred of evidence to show it is so.

  16. ‘…people probably know someone within their circle who does it…’

    Not many Pakistani men from oop North in my social circle.

  17. Let’s distract people’s attention from a vast, embarrassing and actual problem by pointing to a vastly exaggerated other problem.

  18. @Bloke in Wales, November 3, 2018 at 9:42 am

    Cresida Dick has two competences: brown-nosing and extrajudiciai killing of Brazilian electricians

  19. Probability starts at 0.1* 10^-1000000… – one chance a quintillion quintillions
    That is what “probable” means.
    So *all* Cressida Dick is saying is that some of us do NOT know anyone who is (not necessarily a paedophile but has downloaded an offensive, possibly by mistake).
    If there is ONE person in the whole of the UK who has downloaded an image from Harriet Harperson’s old friends then Cressida Dick can justify her claim.

  20. I see no evidence in that article to support the ridiculous claims. Do guys find teenage girls attractive, sure. Are they going about raping and molesting them? Obviously not. Well, muslims are, but normal people obviously not.

  21. @Mr Ecks, November 3, 2018 at 8:38 am

    The [UN] Global Compact for Migration will damage Western Civilisation

    The ‘Global Compact for Migration’, in the works since April 2017, is a rather hushed up plan to move large numbers of people from the third world to countries with a strong, sustainable economy. In other words, the United Nations along with all the countries who have signed up to this plan want to move large numbers of people from Africa, the Middle East and Central America into Europe, North America and East Asia.

    The key aspects of the plan reveal that illegal immigration will in future no longer be treated as a crime:

    I had not heard of this before; you?

    Not happy knowing SJW May will sign-up

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