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Blimey, that’s brave

Gareth Thomas, a former captain of the Wales rugby team who was beaten up and suffered head injuries in a homophobic attack on Friday night, said that he decided to have a face-to-face meeting with his assailant rather than press charges against him.

Now yes, obviously, we all know that all shirtlifters are in fact effeminate cissies. But how damn stupid do you have to be to attack someone as effeminate a cissie as Gareth Thomas?

8 thoughts on “Blimey, that’s brave”

  1. One vs one but a sucker punch/surprise attack. If you are wrong-footed and caught on the hop even the biggest and best can be hard pressed to recover from that. Esp if the attacker doesn’t give you the slightest chance to gather yourself. The tactic works for the virtuous as well of course.

    Silly meetings will achieve nothing.

    If–say just for the sake of example–that I had bashed the shit out of some scummy May-sucking remainiac Tory traitor MP –not that I ever, ever would do such a thing of course. Then a meeting would just result in me verbally slagging the treasonous turd in the hope of adding well-deserved insult to –unfortunate of course-injury.

  2. I saw Torchwood once and assumed everyone in Cardiff is gay, but apparently not.

    Like Ecksy, I’m sceptical of the value of coerced apologies. Thomas should’ve been given the option of delivering a mild shoeing to the boy. Or at least do Llap Goch on him.

  3. No details about how it all unfolded, but I note that it seems to have all been dealt with on the night.

    Perhaps that means Thomas restrained his attacker and then called the police. If he was trying to restrain rather than flatten the lad it would explain him getting a few lumps.

  4. I remember the 20 year old Gareth, the Alfie who went to The Roof with his mates and pretended he was straight when all his mates knew otherwise (oh yes they did). He’s a nice guy now and was a nice guy then, even with the secret he thought he was carrying.

    And no, I wouldn’t fancy having to meet him for some ‘restorative justice’.

  5. @ Ironman
    I’m too old to have known Gareth Thomas but I did know one guy who played for Welsh schoolboys – really nice guy. If I had tried a Welsh-phobic (not likely since my Dad was more than half-Welsh) or a lawyer-phobic attack he could have thrown me out of the bar.
    Yes, the sports stars tend to be nice guys, possibly because they don’t tend to have inferiority complexes.

  6. john77

    Indeed so. Gareth Thomas though managed to remain a nice guy even though he was going through a personal hell.

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