Community service among Johns

With the 2015 murder of Daria Pionko, a prostitute in the zone, Jenni carried a walkie-talkie in case she needed to call for help. Despite this, she was robbed and beaten by an acquaintance of one of her clients and she was once almost abducted.

“A guy in a car approached me as I was walking down the road. I saw rope and tape on the floor. He tried pulling me in. I was wrestling to get away.

“Men in cars, obviously looking for girls, stopped and chased him off.”

It’s the sort of thing which makes you think that sex slavery isn’t quite a thing. Not if the punters are chasing off would be abductors….

5 thoughts on “Community service among Johns”

  1. ‘Jenni carried a walkie-talkie in case she needed to call for help.’

    Don’t carry a gun. Carry a walkie-talkie.

    How’s that working out for you?

  2. Nightclub bouncing has the full scale of threats of violence. I suppose we accept its the violent act that is illegal not the risky job. And do we really like the nordic model that stops people out for a good time because some (a predictable proportion to be sure) people’s idea of that is to nut the bouncer.
    The problem here is drugs. People become dependent to expensive and addictive drugs and they take comparatively very high risks to fund the addiction, and have nothing to show for it at the end. Interview a non-addicted prostitute on 2k a week and I suspect we’ll find our empathy really only kicks in at the point which you think “you go through all that and for what?. When they can point to a three bed detached and a sports car its a bit harder to detect the problem.

  3. Hallowed Be,

    The druggies are a tiny part of the whole industry. They make shit and they can’t run a successful trade because they’re a total mess and don’t care about clients. So they don’t get repeat business or recommendations.

    Successful escorts act professionally. They take their work seriously. They are, unusually, women who are at least comfortable with their work. I mean, people never get this. There’s lots of women who worked in porn who like a lot of sex. Like lots of variety. The money is the big draw, for sure. But because they’re comfortable with what they’re doing, they can do it.

  4. Yes. The hint was that Theresa will addres the problem by doing something that doesn’t address the problem that Jenni found herself in and got her self out of. i.e. the link between drug addiction and risk. Legalising loitering and kerb crawling eliminates the police conflict of interest, which helps bring into play the regular laws against violence and immoral earnings, it’s not going to stop people taking big risks for so little reward.

  5. See also closing down websites that allowed girls to stay off the streets and work in a safer manner and various other measures

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