Even More Fear From The BBC

This time according to the BBC Politics Live, we’ll no longer have any successful artists after brexit and only be able to buy spanish pop

18 thoughts on “Even More Fear From The BBC”

  1. #JustClownworldThings: when you believe that British politicians can control the global climate system, and simultaneously believe it’s impossible for British politicians to govern Britain.

  2. My son’s band put their gear in their van, went over on the ferry and did eight countries in and out of the EU. Hundreds of others do the same. No big deal. A friend toured that way in the sixties. No big deal before the EU either. Who believes this guff?

  3. There’s a few articles on this, the singer saying things like

    “I’m graduating from uni in a year and I’m not going to be able to work in France. Really?”

    How many people leave “uni” and go and work in France or anywhere in the EU? I know people say they will to sound cool, but they don’t. It’s hard going abroad without experience.

  4. It’s so tedious. On the mainland, many countries, including Netherlands, France and Spain, operate a work permit system. When I worked in Amsterdam, the company had to demonstrate that I had skills that a local hire didn’t have. That was 20 years ago. What world do these people who think that, without any language skills let alone work skills, they can just waltz into a job a foreign country live in?

  5. O/T but worthwhile.

    Crimebodge–a blogger who helps innocent people being harassed by Dear Mr Plod is now being harassed himself over literally nothing. If they can get away with stuffing him up they can do it to any one they take a dislike to. Please watch the below and do whatever you can to see it goes as viral as possible.

    This is the crew that just last week was whining that we weren’t risking our necks to help them

    Here’s why. This is how they treat ordinary British folk.


  6. Ecks, I’ve been following Rob of CrimeBodge for quite some time after watching a lot of Yank 1st amendment auditor stuff. From personal experience, I know that the cops can be very vindictive. It’s chilling that the cops in this country can act like a gang, hiding behind the rule of law to get away with criminal acts.

  7. Macron chortling about how our fishermen are stuffed by May’s deal counterbalances 10 Project Fear’s all on its own.

  8. After leaving university in 1990 after a couple of months at a dead-end UK job I strolled into a job in Hong Kong.

  9. Ecksy – that Crimebodge video really boils my piss. Classic bullying tactics from the filth and supported by a dickhead judge.

    Still, it does us good to remember the law is not on our side.

  10. MC–It will help Crimebodge if you do whatever you can to spread that message by spreading the video. I don’t know the man personally but he is potentially helping all of us with his info. As well as helping others to make the little stands that will help break Plod’s antics. He could do with a bit of help in return and a firestorm of protest sounds about right.

  11. I know nothing about Spanish pop music, but if Brexit meant we could listen to only French and German pop, I’d change my vote to Remain.

  12. @ Ecksie – You might forward to JuliaM’s blog since she hasn’t appeared in this thread. It may be her kind of thing as she covers the busies a fair bit at her place.

  13. @ BF
    “I know nothing about Spanish pop music…” You know not how fortunate you are. There is basically the one song. Sung by the same people. But they shoot a lot of different videos with other people miming to it.

  14. The BBC has it the wrong way round: EU – in project fear land – will have no BritPop. We don’t consume much EUPop, TV, Film etc.

    Is EU going to block USAPop too?

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