Explains a lot about Dan Brown novels

4am starts and spinach smoothies: Da Vinci Code’s Dan Brown on how to write a bestseller

Hey, we’re in a market economy, don’t knock it too hard. But that the novels are written at sparrowfart through the miasma of a diet of liquidised spinach doesn’t exactly surprise, does it?

5 thoughts on “Explains a lot about Dan Brown novels”

  1. Perhaps that explains the inordinate length and often rambling text? 30 years ago the advice would have been smoking fags in a Paris garret. Both are bullshit.

  2. Few people make a fortune working 9-5. Except for lawyers.
    Drinking liquefied spinach sounds like he got the self chastisement with the barbed flail scene from something in his personal life.

  3. @BiS – about the only lawyers making a fortune working 9-5 are top partners in a firm where they’ve managed to effectively outsource most of their work to underlings, and nobody dares question their lack of output.

    All others making said fortune are working ungodly hours.

  4. Strange then, abacab, how I never seem top be able to get hold of the cvnts outside of those hours. Although 9 am’s more like hopeful than reality.
    Lawyers here seem to restrict their working day to 10 ’til 2. Which, given that working days here are few in number, due to the plethora of holidays the Spanish award themselves, makes them about as easy to encounter as yetis.
    The sympathy I have for the legal profession would take an electron microscope to detect.

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