NHS responsible for 5 per cent of all traffic on roads

Possibly, it’s about 8% of the economy and more than that of employment, isn’t it?

9 thoughts on “Hmm”

  1. My first response to that snippet was ‘Yes. And…?’

    Then I clicked the link.

    “Face-to-face hospital appointments will be axed to save the environment…”

    I thought the purpose of the NHS was to save the patients..?

  2. So, in true Guardian manner, we can now make a case that the NHS is responsible for 5% of traffic accidents & 5% of deaths on the roads. Also the largest contributor to vehicle caused polution. It’s downright MURDER! I tell you. It should be abolished.
    Think of the children!

  3. I can believe it. Having reached that one-foot-in-the-grave status of needing dialysis 3 times a week, I’m entitled to transport to and from hospital along with a fair number of other sufferers. There’s a ward admin clerk spends most of her time organising transport with the ambulance provider. Being located in darkest east Kent, it’s a pretty widespread patient collection area. I’ve seen parts of the county where even the sunlight is 10 years behind present.

  4. In the ideal socialist utopia that an increasing number of fvckwits want, the NHS would make up about 50% of the economy, with the balance being most welfare provision and foreign aid.

  5. Amid warnings that 90% of all bullet consumption is now caused by the British Army

    … yes and?

    /shrugs & walks away

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