How secret?

Mountain bothies’ locations should be kept secret, walkers say amid fears over stag parties and adventure tours

Really secret so no one knows where they are?

Or just rather secret, known only to the Illuminati?

Hillwalkers have also complained some bothy users have exploited a loophole in smoking legislation to set up a pipe smoking club at another shelter in Durness, in the far north of Scotland.

Ah, yes, I think we can guess the sort of people complaining. Those who go hill walking as no one will have the little cunts in the house.

6 thoughts on “How secret?”

  1. “Landowners in Scotland have received a series of anonymous letters …”

    Do with them what you do with all junk mail. Throw them straight in the bin.

  2. ?? The whole point is that their location should be known so that you can make your way to one in an emergency rather than dying of exposure when the weather – inevitably – turns really nasty.

    Keeping them secret is to destroy their entire raison d’etre.


  3. I don’t think there’s any evidence of commercial gain being made. And how would you enforce such a ban?

  4. @ Chris Miller
    They are talking about “Adventure Tours”, which do not sound like someone walking four or five hours over the hillside to a bothy.
    Sue any firm advertising one and the media housing the advert – the legal costs would, hopefully, drive some out of business and deter others (hire a no win, no fee lawyer of course).

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