Interesting claim

Especially from one who has spent his life in that UK media:

This is where our culture is settling too, masked by our overwhelming rightwing media.

It’s as if Hutton doesn’t know the first thing on the subject – media chases the customers, mot moulds them.

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  1. Oh, he’s not wrong. There are what, two maybe three national dailies give a platform to outright socialist propaganda. Guardian, Morning Star, sometimes but not always the Mirror. By definition, any paper doesn’t loudly sing the socialist song is right wing. There is no centre ground in the People’s Struggle. So overwhelmingly right wing press.

  2. There are what, two maybe three national dailies give a platform to outright socialist propaganda. Guardian, Morning Star, sometimes but not always the Mirror

    add the Independent to that list, and, amazingly, in some areas the Telegraph these days. And the BBC dwarfs them and is overwhelmingly left wing.

    Hutton is a liar.

  3. Don’t think you quite follow, Rob. The Graun & the MS are exclusively left wing. They don’t carry any other point of view. The BBC may be overwhelmingly staffed by the left, but it’s required by its charter to be “even-handed”. Which means, in practice, they very reluctantly & with an expression of disgust on their faces, give space to views that are to the right of themselves but not of most of their consumers.
    The rest of the press & broadcast media, being again largely staffed by the left, do something similar. An undiluted stream of socialist propaganda wouldn’t sell, so they regard themselves as prostituting their calling in favour of the monthly paycheck. Sacrificing themselves to the right.
    It’s tough in journalism!
    It’d be so much better if they could just find themselves a different audience.

  4. It would take very little to finish the leftist media.

    The present attempted censorship by the Big Four Zuckerscum will be innovated around but it would help if Trump got his finger out and put the legal boot into the bastards.

    Guvo-scum like May and the EU are more of a problem but not unbeatable. We need an Internet that cannot be controlled by anybody and I have no doubt that will happen.

    As to the rest:

    * End the BBC/C4 in 24 hours flat
    *Purge all Uni leftists–esp journos and journo courses.
    *Make it illegal to demand any kind of journo qualifications to employ reporters. The Deadtrees will still try to soak up as much left-sewage as they can but they will have to fight no end of court cases trying to exclude those who haven’t been thro the full Uni indoctrination.

    That should finish the job of destroying the UK’s overwhelmingly leftist media.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset


    You can add the Economist to your list of left of centre newspapers, at least on social issues and all too often on economic ones.

  6. @BiND

    … and the FT, and (increasingly, but it may be a bit early to call it) the post-Dacre Daily Mail. Is there a genuine right-wing voice remaining in the media, other than the Speccy?

  7. It’s got all the signs of destroying itself Mr Ecks. The more leftist stuff it pumps out, the more the consumer who doesn’t want leftist propaganda flees to new media or out of the marketplace altogether. So its audience shrinks towards a left wing bias. Encouraging it to go further left. Contraction & concentration.
    Big problem for the paid for media, that is. People who welcome that don’t buy much product. They’re neither at the big earning end of the market nor the big spending. So they lose advertising revenue. Just look at the Graun. Very popular paper with the left the Guardian. But can’t make enough money to pay for itself.

  8. “media chases the customers, not moulds them”: why wouldn’t it attempt to mould them in an effort to retain them as customers? Are they missing a trick in the market?

  9. It’s so densely packed with lies and misleading inferences – like a matroska doll of bullshit – you almost don’t know where to begin.

    As the late counts come in, the Democrat tally of gains in the House will top the targeted 30 […] This is the strongest rebound in recent decades

    In the 2010 midterms, the Republicans won 6 additional Senate seats and 63 extra House seats.

    O’Rourke’s campaign was particularly illuminating about what is happening in the US.

    He’s talking about Ted Cruz’s narrow victory over the massively funded and media-approved “Beto”. But contrast it with the gubernatorial election in Texas at the same time – the Republican beat the Democrat by a margin of 13%.

    The numbers suggest two things: the uncanny Mr Cruz is a relatively poor candidate (his televangelist-style 2016 tilt at the Presidency has probably permanently damaged him), and massive uncontrolled Third World immigration is gradually turning Texas socialist.

    This isn’t an endorsement of “Beto’s” virtue-twirling on “misogyny”, “gun control”, “ethical capitalism” or any of the other things white liberals get moist about. It’s the army of imported low-IQ labour (and, crucially, their generally shiftless kids) voting as a racial bloc to transfer more free goodies from white taxpayers to themselves.

    Nearly 70% of whites voted for Cruz. By contrast, 70% of Latinos and 90% of blacks voted for “Beto”.

    Being a moron, Will Hutton approves of This Sort Of Thing, because he imagines the increasingly numerous dusky hordes will still tolerate a white brahmin caste of elevated goodthinkers such as Will Hutton.

    But nah. If you look at what’s happening in places like Minnesota – enriched by Somalis – one of the first things the diverse enrichers do once they have the numbers is to get rid of white Democrats and elect members of their own tribe.

    Far from a triumph of liberal values, this represents the death of liberalism. Gay rights, feminism and free dildos for transgendered schoolkids aren’t popular stances with Muslims, blacks and Mexicans.

    This isn’t a progressive enlightenment, it’s the sort of racial balkanization people who aren’t cretins have been warning about for decades.

    Richmond, Virginia, the capital of the confederacy and the ultra-conservative city, fell to the Democrats

    “Ultra-conservative” Richmond, VA, voted for Hillary Clinton by 84%.

    As in the US, so in Britain. This is where our culture is settling too, masked by our overwhelming rightwing media.

    On the contrary, the British public is actually far more “right-wing” (to the extent that means anything) than our present media and political elite.

    I suspect if we had a government that represents the people, Muslim immigration would be banned as of tomorrow, the death penalty would come back, foreign aid would be cancelled, and political correctness would largely be defunded. We’d also be out of the EU, just like we voted.

  10. The death penalty wouldn’t come back, but only just – if you asked the same question 20 years ago, it would have done.

  11. >media chases the customers, mot moulds them.

    I don’t really agree with this. It’s both. The media has to chase customers, because it wouldn’t survive without them, but it also tries to mould them as much as it can without losing them as customers. It always has, and it used to be pretty good at doing both, but in recent years it’s become so blatant at trying to mould its customers that it’s started losing them in large numbers.

    Put it this way, there’s a lot of ‘wriggle room’ with your readers. They aren’t going to stop buying the moment they read something they don’t agree with, especially if there isn’t much in the way of a good alternative. So there’s quite a lot of opportunity to influence your readers and change their views, especially if you can do it subtly under the guise of ‘objective journalism’.

  12. Even the Daily Express is not a tremendously right-wing newspaper – it’s socially conservative, yes, but all the newspapers are fairly liberal. To be truly right-wing would require a massive sea-change, and that would be for the worse – British society is a tolerant one. It would become an intolerant society, I think.

  13. Paul – I reckon I could sell capital punishment to the great British public, which is no boast – probably any half-awake marketer could do it.

    All it would take is a particularly loathsome murderer to be the “face” of the campaign. An Ian Huntley, for example.

    Like abortion, gay supremacy, immigration and so on, the current fake consensus around hanging criminals was imposed on us by the elite. The public’s instincts tend to be more sensible, which is why the establishment is so shit-scared of populism.

  14. @BiP
    It is becoming an increasingly intolerant society. Intolerant of anything that isn’t “progressive”.
    But what’s wrong with intolerance, anyway? This is where I part company with libertarians. There are things you can live with & still be living in the sort of society you wish to live in. And there are things that you can’t. I can’t see anything wrong being intolerant of the latter. Simple self preservation. There’s no reason to willing to see yourself flushed down the drain to enable others to do what they wish to do.
    What’s really needed, just now, is a lot more intolerance.

  15. Hector Drummond,

    “Put it this way, there’s a lot of ‘wriggle room’ with your readers. They aren’t going to stop buying the moment they read something they don’t agree with, especially if there isn’t much in the way of a good alternative. So there’s quite a lot of opportunity to influence your readers and change their views, especially if you can do it subtly under the guise of ‘objective journalism’.”

    I think until recently this was true, and I think editors might still try and do it. Politicians sucking up to media magnates was about this sort of thing – the newspaper might be on the line between Conservative and Labour and be able to endorse Labour or Conservative and perhaps take some floating voters with them.

    It’s much harder today because there’s a load of media sources. Circulation of printed newspapers has collapsed in a decade. People get news at a story level from friends via Facebook or via Mumsnet, plus there’s this ton of alt media that we don’t really know the combined scale of: the Jonathon Pies, Tim Worstalls, Guido Fawkes, Quilette providing another perspective.

  16. ” – media chases the customers, mot moulds them.

    I agree with the others suggesting that this is out of date. Media has now started working for its staff, not its customers. The staff are predominantly university bred SJW class.

    Let them drown.

  17. BiP – Torture followed by ritual execution for schoolchildren stealing sweets then?

    Inshallah innit?

    Hector – I reckon, but can’t prove, that fiction offers much greater scope to manipulate the public and shape their attitudes than news media does. Which is why the Saintly Gay trope was invented, similarly the older Magic Negro character so beloved by Hollywood.

    Ages ago, someone did a study that showed the average teevee viewer in America was subjected to an astounding number of depictions of white businessmen as crooks, murderers and the like.

    If real life looked like telly, Yank jails would be full of wealthy white guys and the average husband would die of stupidity the moment his sassy, take-charge wife stepped outside.

  18. It’s worth noting that advertisers are a (the?) major customer of commercial media, and the advertising world is also full of SJWs. The companies that are the customers of the advertisers are also rammed with SJWs, so they’re being slow to notice that the pc social propaganda in their ads is alienating their customers.

    It’s amazing that I utterly detest nearly all the businesses I buy from. There is no avoiding them, so it’s good to laugh as they suffer.

  19. “Paul – I reckon I could sell capital punishment to the great British public, which is no boast – probably any half-awake marketer could do it. ”

    Just send everyone a picture of Bonnie Langford.

  20. Meanwhile, in Ely the BELLEND OF ALL BELLWENDS declares

    “I wish we weren’t forgetting.

    But we are.

    And that makes their memory – including that of the grandfather I never met – all the harder to bear”

    Good to know that rationality has not yet reached the Fens

  21. @bloke in spain, November 11, 2018 at 9:35 am

    Only three?

    Times & Gaurdegraph are not right-wing now, DM under new ed is moving Left too (and Green with their anti-plastic obsession). Independant and I (plus all Johnston Press regionals) are also Left.

    Hutton is deranged, it”s overwhelming leftwing media.

  22. Pcar–Hopefully they will all soon be out of business.

    OT–Has anybody out there any thoughts about this “No Deal Plan B” that May’s Cabinet of fools has put forward.

    – UK saves £20 billion from proposed Brexit bill. (Still costs us 20 but if we actaually get out…)
    – Follow EU rules for a few years. (presume that is what the end date is for–if definite)
    – Negotiate with EU as a third party for a free trade deal. (Who cares..once we are out that is the ESpew’s problem)
    – Include a fixed end date.(see above)
    – Allow UK to sign global trade deals( if that is right from the off that is a big plus)

    It sounds too sensible for the FFC.

    Mogg etc has said poss willing so the ERG are likely behind it. The “EU rules for a few years with a definite end” should solve all of the NI tricked-up nonsense. And if we can start trade dealing right away without any kissing of EU arse that is OK.

    Yes I want to tell the EU to go fuck themselves and if I were PM the suffering inflicted on the cunts would go down in the history books. But I’m not PM and we have an army of useless shite in the HoC.

    If this is not more trickery then it may be something behind which the ERG, the so-called Cabinet “Brexiteers” and hopefully even the DUP could unite-given that all our borders stay under their rules until the fixed date. And it better had be fixed proper style. It is a sell out but it SEEMS (please let us all know if you know better) a lot better than the plate full of shite May is trying to serve.

    Moreover it isolates the FFC esp as ZaNu have said they won’t vote with her to keep her in until 2022.

    Free movement of people is still the bugbear but –as vital as that is–getting the fuck out without sabotage is MORE important for now IMO.

    The remainiacs don’t like it and that new DM turd has already tried to spin Mogg’s guarded interest in the idea as how weak the ERG are( from a shitrag now kissing the arse of May’s sellout FCS).

    Any thoughts anybody?

  23. Bloke in North Dorset

    Hallowed Be

    “I won an observer competition once. The prize was a copy of the state we’re in. It never turned up.”

    You probably didn’t need it to get its contents anyway. I was based in Germany when it came out and I felt I’d read it through a process similar to osmosis. It was covered in just about every publication and he was never off current affairs programs. The BBC couldn’t get enough of him.

    God knows what it was like in UK.

  24. If there was just a single “right wing” journal with a circulation of 500 left in the entire country Hutton et al would denounce the entire media as “overwhelmingly right wing”. Their idea of balance is 100% – 0% in their favour.

  25. For Will hutton to include JR-M in a group he categorises as “anti-common decency” is taking lying chutzpah to extremes. JR-M may be wrong on some issues but *not* on common decency, unlike the Grauniad.
    Tim, you mean “most of his life” starting in media when he was approaching 30

  26. “The ‘EU rules for a few years with a definite end’ should solve…

    …their problem – which is to get us to accept remaining in the EU long enough to enable them to make it permanent.

    That Mr Ecks is even considering this shows that their chaos theatre is working.

    “…definite end…” – are you taking the piss?

  27. PJF- If we get stuck with May’s deal we are fucked for sure.

    It will likely be beaten as ZaNu wont vote with the cow and the Bliarite “rebellion” will be a damp squib as they won’t have the balls to face the thug-wrath of Momentum after they kept Jizza out until 2022.

    With the ERG and DUP and the fact that even sellouts and remainiacs like snot-junior Johnson can’t stomach her crap I am fairly sure that her shit will be voted down. So then she will start trying to extend Article 50 indefinatly etc. The mad cunt isn’t going to quit if she thinks she still has a chance in Hell.

    No this no deal plan B may be a trap and a pile of shite. They is why I asked what others thought.

    But -1–We are out on 19th March next.
    2–We dodge all the artificial s NI border shit the
    Cow and the EU scum have tricked up. Once we are
    Out, nobody is going back in because of any border
    bullshit. They can settle it or it can be another set of
    Korean peace negotiations 1953– 2018 for all I care
    It won’t matter once we are out.
    3—Same with their bullshit EU trade deal. We can trade
    with them on today’s terms so long as we can deal
    free of their crap with everyone else. I don’t care
    about any EU trade deal
    4—We sign deals with everybody we can. No going back
    after that and our prosperity begins. That is the real
    end of the remainiac scum.
    5– It avoids all the “Terror of No Deal” cockrot that is
    being used as the excuse for treason by Tory trash
    MPs. Nobody really believes that shite including
    their scummy MPs but this plan removes their
    crappy excuses for any betrayal.
    6—Yes we pay the cunts 20 billion. But the Cow is
    planning to pay them twice that to be worse off
    This way we are out.
    7–Yes I know the dangers of a final date to stop
    having their laws. But if we can start signing deals
    from the off they can’t take us back in and no amount
    of trickery can get around that. They can’t have one
    of their gang with a slew of lovely trade deals.

    Now this plan B may be a trap. The fine print is the danger with Tories. But if it is a way forward that isolates the Cow and unites enough of the treacherous Tory crew to sink the FFC and Oily Robbins plans it could be a way out.

    Is it some grand plan of deceit as PJF says? Or are the Cabinet crew just scared that the brainless bitch will land them with a GE giving a choice between Grandpa Death and a Tory plan with treason and betrayal as their main policy point? If the latter then maybe this Plan B might have something. I was hoping that people might have some reasoned input rather than PJF’s kneejerk malarkey.

    We need, PJF, to get out of this mess as best we can. If the Cow wins we lose all. If we can find some way that enough of Theo’s shower can avoid a brazen act of treason and get us out and trading with the world that will do. I don’t care if we remain on Eurotrash trading terms with Europe forever. They are going down and will be ever less important . It is the world we need to trade with.

    Yes I would love to see the shit beaten out of Tory–and ZaNu– traitors and remainiacs and see us leave in fine style, sails unfurled and all cannons firing and kicking the EUs arse as we go. But with the scum that we have that isn’t going to happen. We are fighting to make said scum keep even the spirit of their promises.

    So before you come trying to make me out a fool who swallows Tory tripe–lets hear your grand plan as to how we get what we want. Or don’t you have one and instead prefer whining about how fucked we are?

    I think that if even the Cabinet of Cowards is producing alternative plans they know how fucked up her treasonous shit is and what it will do to the Tories at the next Ballot box time. In that there may be a opportunity for us to get out on terms that enable our prosperity to begin. And if so in ten years even the most of the remainiacs will no longer give a shit about the EU or its fate.

  28. Anyone read the Evening Standard lately? Economically sort of middle of the roady. Socially it’s gone all out SJW loony lefty. Every single columnist and contributor is an out and out LGBT/BAME/luvvie/ecomentalist/Trump-hater. Anybody in London who is of a Polish/Hungarian type ‘actually I quite like my country being basically white Christian’ persuasion is apparently a Nazi who needs to be force fed vegan sausages before being stoned to death with stale herb and sesame crusted focacchias.

  29. @Pcar: yep, it’s terrible and the editor is the former Conservative(!!) Chancellor of the Exchequer. Shows just how unserious the modern party is.

  30. ‘overwhelming rightwing media’

    One outlet publishing the truth overwhelms Leftist lies. It is the content that is overwhelming, not the volume.

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