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Interesting sentence

Amanduh is accusing others of pandering to ugly stereotypes rather than facts or reality?

The only reason to choose ugly stereotypes over facts is because you want to believe the worst about ….

Doesn’t really matter what the last word is there to make my point. This is Amanduh after all.

9 thoughts on “Interesting sentence”

  1. According to Amanduh, restricting abortion is, “forcing childbirth upon women” > or, as it might also be described, “making people responsible for the consequences of their actions”.*

    * Allowing that those undergoing parthenogenisis can be excluded.

  2. ‘In the stampede to ban abortion’

    Yeah, it’s a fvckin’ tsunami.

    A 45 year stampede.

    ‘Stampede to ban abortion.” Returning authority to the states is banning abortion? That’s just stupid.

    ‘They likely have five votes to overturn Roe v. Wade and allow states to ban abortion.’

    The RvW decision was preposterous, and should be overturned, with the proviso that the states can choose. Though having the votes does not mean they will overturn it. Marcotte is in premature panic.

    Seems Ms Marcotte believes all 50 states will ban it. That an overweening Federal Government must force it on the states. A Federal Government ruling against the will of its constituents. Sig Heil!

    ‘Stampede to ban abortion.” Returning authority to the states is banning abortion? That’s just stupid.

    I agree with returning authority to the states. But I lament that a hundred thousand other rules and regulations aren’t ripped away from the Federal Government, which has no Constitutional authority to do most of what it does.

    ‘All to often, they let slip how much it’s rooted in contempt for women having control over their own bodies and their own futures.’

    Wut? This is delusional; she should be locked up for her own protection. Salon readers nod their head in agreement? I guess you have the right to be a sick puppy. But this is the politics of demonizing your opposition, and will not end well. The Democrats are Nazis, fascists who demonize their opposition. Brit lefties like Marcotte are too. This can’t go on much longer. Two or three years? A democracy can’t survive the demonization of the opposition; all parties must accept the outcome of elections.

    The Democrats reaction to Trump is undemocratic. The unDemocrats.

  3. The Democrats reaction to Trump is undemocratic. The unDemocrats.

    The politicians reaction to Brexit is undemocratic.

    There’s a lot of it to go around, once Democracy returns the results the establishment doesn’t like.

  4. “and desire to exert control over other people’s lives that lies at the center of the anti-choice movement”

    oh i do hope, Amanda, that the rest of your politics are consistent against exerting control over other peoples lives.

  5. Kind of a female version of Richard Murphy, in her own way.

    Angry, stupid, alone… Raving at the world as it passes them by.

  6. “In the stampede to ban abortion, Republican politicians don’t always bother to keep up the pretense that their opposition to abortion is about “life.” ”

    Oh right, thanks Amanduhhh. SeemsI’ve been doing a great job deceiving myself then. Amazing how one silly slag writing agit prop knows more about my internal reasoning onjng than I do.

  7. So motherhood will will be mandatory willl it? Only if sex is mandatory and, for you Amanduh, I promise it isn’t.!

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