Just a passing thought

Sex is the method by which we produce grandparents.

Actually, the purpose of sex is to produce grandparents, ancestors.

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  1. Part of the Worstall daily mental warm ups turning things on their head. Ok i’ll have a go. So masturbation is praying for more ancestors?

  2. The grandparents business is fairly near the central thesis of Dawkins’ book “The Selfish Gene” – i.e. producing children is all very well, but they need to survive and mate and rear children too before you have passed the only test that matters.

  3. Primarily, sex is the method by which we produce parents.

    Producing grandparents is a byproduct; they are parents first.

  4. A chicken is just a complicated way for an egg to make more eggs.

    Quoted by Dawkins, I think. Someone may know. Or was it Huxley?

  5. “the purpose of sex is to produce grandparents”

    That’s absurdly reductionist and absurdly teleological. Sex has several functions but no purpose. Its basic function is the reproduction of the species. But, given humans create and require culture, the human animal requires more levels of explanation than the mere biological. So human sexuality has many functions and explanations — psychological, sociological, economic, theological, AI etc — depending on the level of explanation chosen. Higher levels of such explanation draw on the lower levels, but they aren’t reducible to the lower levels.

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