Mea culpa, mea culpa

Like it or not, tax justice has fuelled the alienation many feel from a global elite operating multinational corporations. Whether this has had the unfortunate consequence of fuelling populism is an issue open to question. That it is an issue that still angers people is, I think, beyond doubt.

Ritchie wants to apologise for having caused Trump, Brexit and Orban by talking about tax justice all these years.

13 thoughts on “Mea culpa, mea culpa”

  1. “[HMRC] argued that the £120bn [TRUK invented tax gap] figure “could be dangerous if not countered by HMRC’s published estimates … partly because they give a misleading view of HMRC’s effectiveness and the amount of uncollected revenues. But also because they encourage the perception that deliberate non-compliance in the UK is the norm—a perception which could encourage further non-compliance.”

    From HoC briefing paper 7948 (10 Oct 2018).

    So shyte is Spud’s tax gap figure that it could actually encourage tax evasion.

    We should be pointing this out to any media source still using Spud for comment.

  2. Huh.

    So populism is an “unfortunate consequence”.

    And a lack of “tax justice” is the result of a “global elite operating multinational corporations”.

    Which is the polar opposite of populism.

    Got it.

  3. I’ve drawn a Venn diagram of people who are riled by Amazon’s tax affairs, and people who voted Brexit:

    o o

  4. Gamecock’s right.

    The fact that the preening cvnt is not swanning around Parliament respendently done out in vermine is the bitterest of pills for the egomaniac

  5. Not even NiV can compete with such epic delusions!

    Now don’t go saying things you don’t believe…

  6. DtP, it is a cry of envy.

    Everything he does is a cry of envy. As such, it isn’t really worth commenting on. However, the assorted stupidities accompanying those cries… now those are worth commenting on.

  7. Remember, remember the 5th of November

    Who’s on bonfire this 5th of November?

    Who will it be?

    Will it be Me?

    Or will it be May?

    (C)Pcar & Kleinefeldmaus 2018

  8. @BiS

    Anybody playing Cards Against Humanity ought to watch out.

    I’ve never played it. Honest. Never, ever…

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