More on Venezuela’s socialism

It’s the very fact of the price fixing that allows, encourages, the thefts and the bribes.

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  1. OT – Good article

    Where were the Brexit [style] no deal warnings during the Scottish independence debate?

    …Curiously, those same ‘experts’ didn’t flag up such purported risks associated with Scotland leaving the EU and the UK without a deal four years ago; and Scottish independence would have inevitably been a no-deal exit from both.

    The EU, and for that matter the rest of the UK, could not have negotiated any kind of trade arrangement with Scotland until it became a sovereign state – that is, until it was already out of the UK and thus out of the EU.

    Yet no one suggested, as they now suggest about Brexit, that ‘no deal’ would mean the imposition of a blockade. Not even the most ardent unionists warned of plagues of super-gonorrhea and of Prime Ministers being deprived of insulin.

    Why not? The answer says a lot about the true nature of the EU and its attitudes to Britain, which are very different from English attitudes to Scotland

    So either no deal holds no terrors, or terrors have to be confronted, as we once confronted Napoleon. Defending our independence, and by extension that of every European people, from an historically vengeful European Empire is worth more than a container-load of Brie.

    Whinging Spongers we don’t need or want, but pay for

    Refugees are being forced to live in filthy homes in the UK like the homes the left, official report finds

    Asylum seekers who have survived torture in their home countries are being forced to live in filthy, vermin-ridden, damp properties, an official report suggests.

    There were also long delays in getting repairs done. One new mother had to wait a month for someone to assemble a cot for her new baby, while others waited two weeks for a light bulb to be changed.

    Forced? Really? They are free to leave if they don’t like it – they’ve obviously proved they can do that.

    Assemble your cot yourself you lazy cow. Change your own damned lightbulbs.

    Where’s JuliaM’s tiny violin?

  2. “others waited two weeks for a light bulb to be changed.”
    These are foreigners, aren’t they?
    I’ve rented in several countries & the only one I’m aware of, you get provided with light bulbs, is the UK. It’s not even unusual to not get light fittings to screw them into. Just two wires hanging from the ceiling.
    Someone’s taking the piss here & it probably wasn’t the whatevers.

  3. If Nadine (no, really, I’m not utterly three stops past Plaistow, and I’ll sue you if you can prove it) Dorries is the voice of something vaguely approaching reason, then we’ve crossed the imbecility event horizon.

  4. When one of my lightbulbs pops, no-one from the gummint has ever offered to come round and change it for me. My submission to the ECHR is already on its way.

  5. Dennis the Peasant

    Are you misremembering this popular meme?

    Rule 1: [fill in the blank]
    Rule 2: There are no exceptions to rule 1
    Rule 3: When in doubt, see rule 2

    As a “migrant” in Thailand I am “forced” to live in whatever I can afford. If I can’t afford anything the government will provide this accommodation.

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