Not bad, not bad at all

When a doctor gave him a long and convoluted explanation as to why he was going to stop treating him for sepsis, the monk interrupted him: “You mean I’m dying?” The doctor nodded. Sangharakshita looked thoughtfully at the pile of audiobooks that had just been stacked by his bed. He smiled and said: “You had better put those back.”

A different one. Heard from someone who was there. Actually, who was a flight controller there. However, this could just be a good story, really don’t know.

Plane coming in to land on carrier. Obvious that it’s not going to make it, it’ll splash and badly. Last words of pilot “Cancel two late lunches.”

3 thoughts on “Not bad, not bad at all”

  1. An often reported story – I heard it first in the 1970s in relation to a Canberra during asymmetric engine training which went inverted whilst overshooting from a practice single engine landing.

  2. I saw that Roald Dahl last words recently resurfaced.

    “It’s just that i’ll miss you all so much”,

    which would have been perfect, then a nurse pricked him with a needle and his actual last words were “Ow fuck”.

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