But the report was also criticised by experts for inappropriately “medicalising” unruly behaviour. Based on information from 9,117 children and young people, health chiefs say 5.5 per cent of preschool children now have a mental health disorder.

However, nearly half of these were characterised as “behavioural”, with the single most common form being “oppositional defiant disorder” (ODD).

The concept was devised decades ago in the US, but it was not fully adopted by England’s National Institute of Health and Care Excellence until 2013.

The watchdog recommends that parents of affected children attend NHS-funded parenting classes.

To be diagnosed with ODD a toddler must display at least four symptoms, such as spite, aggression and disobedience, for six months or longer.

Professor Tamsin Ford of Exeter Univeristy, who co-authored the new report, defended the criteria, saying he behaviour of children with ODD is often so bad it prompts parents to question whether they should let them out of the house.

Never. A bureaucracy would never, ever, widen the definition in order to ensure the growth of the bureaucracy, would it?

We’ve not seen this with the definition of poverty becoming relative poverty, we’ve not seen it with homelessness meaning having a home. Just doesn’t happen, does it?


Cat owners have been advised they could risk breaking the law if they force their pets into veganism.

One in six pet food suppliers has branched out into supplying vegan or vegetarian food for animals as owners embraced the new trend over ethical concerns with meat diets.

But yesterday the RSPCA said cats could become seriously ill if given exclusively plant-based diets and owners could run the risk of getting a criminal record.

A spokesman said while dogs were omnivores and could theoretically survive on a vegetarian diet, cats were carnivores and needed meat.

They pointed out: “Under the Animal Welfare Act, the law requires an owner to take reasonable steps to ensure that all the pet’s needs are met.

“This includes a healthy diet, as well as providing suitable living conditions, ability to behave normally, appropriate company and protection from pain, suffering, injury and disease.”

Sigh. I refuse to believe that the Portuguese are more advance in these matters than the British. Bags of cat food here might not have meat in them but they then, if they on’t, have a bit on them saying “Contem Taurina”.

Cats are obligate carnivores because they cannot produce the amino acid taurene. They must get it from their food, which therefore must contain taurine and that only comes from animal bits. Or is synthesised of course.

Job done.


Australian rugby was plunged into embarrassment on Friday after it emerged that Adam Ashley-Cooper and Kurtley Beale were not considered for selection to face England because they invited three women back to their Newport hotel room a fortnight ago.

Consenting adults attempting to get laid is a no no these days?

Perhaps we should move back to the older hypocrisy which was that it was fine with the sort of woman who would and deeply scandalous with the sort who wouldn’t? Tho’, obviously, how scandalous is consent?

The global 1%

When left populists rail against elites they are generally referring to economic and political power. Their target is the richest 1% that owns half the world’s wealth: the newspaper moguls, bankers, political donors and corporate lobbyists; Tony Blair, the Clintons, the Bushes, Old Etonians, Old Harrovians, Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, Harvard, Bullingdon. Those people who run things unchecked from a position of absolute and relative privilege that is often inherited. The left believes that the prospects for democracy weaken as inequalities grow and oligarchies emerge which govern in their own interests. Society then operates according to the golden rule – those who have the gold make the rules.

But when rightwing populists focus on elites they are mostly referring to culture. Their targets are filmmakers, actors, lecturers, journalists, “globalists”, spiritualists, scientists and vegans; the Clintons, Hollywood, Londoners, New Yorkers, Silicon Valley, Sussex and Berkeley.

All of those will be in the global 1%. Own a home and a pension in Britain? Global 1% pretty much.

Iceland’s in the EU now, is it?

Brussels has warned Britain that Brexit will stop its people eating fish and chips unless the UK caves to EU demands to fish its waters.

Theresa May on Thursday told MPs she had “firmly rejected” a demand for access to fisheries in return for a UK-EU trade deal.

Minutes later, Sabine Weyand, the European Union’s deputy Brexit negotiator, tweeted that a fisheries agreement was “in the best interests of both sides” and shared research that showed Britain needs EU imports of cod and haddock to keep eating fish and chips.

An accountant might be able to understand this

“Rent-to-own” retailers such as BrightHouse will be banned from charging vulnerable customers over the odds for household goods under new rules proposed by financial regulators on Thursday.

Rent to own involves customers obtaining products such as washing machines or electronics under hire-purchase agreements before taking ownership when they have completed all the payments.

Under the proposed rules, which will come into force in April, firms will be banned from charging more than 100 per cent interest on items.

The implication is obvious: would appear that 100% interest rates are considered fair. This is what it is like to live in the UK in 2018.

No, the ruling is that total charges over the lifetime of the agreement not exceed 100% of the cost of the item.

20% interest rates per year over 5 years would meet this. 10% over 10 years. 3% over 30 years.

Wonder what the interest rate was when Spudda bought his first flat back in the 80s? Did he, over the years, pay more interest than principal? And would he describe that as a 100% interest rate?

Now, change the subject of the question. Would an accountant so describe?

Presumably he appeared as a swan to them

Or a bull.

A South Korean cult leader was convicted on Thursday of the multiple rape of eight female followers – some of whom believed he was God – and jailed for 15 years.

Pastor Lee Jaerock’s victims were “unable to resist as they were subject to the accused’s absolute religious authority”, judge Chung Moon-sung told the Seoul Central District Court.

Community service among Johns

With the 2015 murder of Daria Pionko, a prostitute in the zone, Jenni carried a walkie-talkie in case she needed to call for help. Despite this, she was robbed and beaten by an acquaintance of one of her clients and she was once almost abducted.

“A guy in a car approached me as I was walking down the road. I saw rope and tape on the floor. He tried pulling me in. I was wrestling to get away.

“Men in cars, obviously looking for girls, stopped and chased him off.”

It’s the sort of thing which makes you think that sex slavery isn’t quite a thing. Not if the punters are chasing off would be abductors….

How stupid can you be?

It started in New York City under Mayor [Ed] Koch, and Reagan took it and ran with it. It became Reaganomics, [which then spread to] Margaret Thatcher in the UK and then across the Western world and beyond.

Ed led to Reaganism? And Maggie, in office in 1979, was directed by Ronnie, in office starting 1981?


Interesting sentence

Amanduh is accusing others of pandering to ugly stereotypes rather than facts or reality?

The only reason to choose ugly stereotypes over facts is because you want to believe the worst about ….

Doesn’t really matter what the last word is there to make my point. This is Amanduh after all.


A teenager managed to lose his driver’s licence just 49 minutes after getting it, German police said.

The 18-year-old was returning from his successful driving test when officers in the town of Hemer checked his car with a laser speed gun.

He was clocked travelling almost twice the speed limit – at 95km/h (60mph) in a 50km/h (30mph) zone.

Sure, this happens here

Progressive organizer Annabel Park told the story that made me start to wonder. “I can’t stop thinking about this woman I met while doorknocking for Beto in Dallas,” Annabel wrote on social media a few days before the midterm elections.

“She lived in a sprawling low-income apartment complex. After I knocked a couple of times, she answered the door with her husband just behind her. She looked petrified and her husband looked menacing behind her. When I made my pitch about Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke, her husband yelled, ‘We’re not interested.’ She looked at me and silently mouthed, ‘I support Beto.’ Before I could respond, she quickly closed the door.”

Annabel told me afterwards, “It’s been on my mind. Did she get beaten? That was my fear.”

There’s a form of voter intimidation that widespread and unacknowledged. It’s the husbands who bully and silence and control their wives, as witnessed by dozens of door-to-door canvassers across the country I heard from.

Rather for the other side though.

Well, not really Polly, not really

What few realise is that we are living through a revolution that has been a long time brewing among Tory party entryists. Those clawing to dethrone Theresa May are of a different ilk, only just within a recognisable Tory penumbra. Infiltrators, bent on destroying from within the party that harbours them, inhabit another planet from Heath, Clarke or Heseltine – but nor are they Thatcher’s children, either. Leaving Europe is only a part of their revolutionary project, a means not an end. Because they are revolutionaries, the more dramatic the break and the wilder the chaos, the better. They are bent on the creative destruction of a stagnant old order, so as to plough up the ground for a fertile new radical right beginning. Tax-haven Singapore beckons.

We’d not want to be, post-Brexit, as left wing as Singapore.

Nice to see The Guardian reverting to form

Lyft, which launched in 2012 as Zimride before changing its name a year later, is a car service similar to Uber, which operates in about 300 US cities and expanded to Canada (thought so far just in one province, Ontario) last year. Ever week, it sends its drivers a personalised “Weekly Feedback Summary”.

Two typos in two sentences. We’ll have Teh Grauniad back in no time.

We must always believe the victim

The man known as Nick, whose allegations of VIP child abuse sparked Scotland Yard’s vast Operation Midland inquiry, will stand trial in March next year.

The 50-year-old, whose real identity cannot be revealed for legal reasons, is charged with 12 counts of perverting the course of justice and one count of fraud relating to a compensation claim.

No, no, always believe the victim.