Power, profit, moves to the thing in short supply. Always

Men have the power in ballet:

Boal knows other women with stories to tell, but they are too afraid that speaking up will negatively affect their careers. The risk of making waves feels especially great for female dancers because though the ballet world is populated mainly by women, it is dominated by men.

“We women are a dime a dozen, and there are a bunch of 14-year-olds coming up,” Boal said.

Boys in ballet hold the power from a young age. Studios are eager to recruit them, teachers are excited to train them, and female classmates know they need to get close to them.

Yes, that’s what happens.

Equally, when there’s lots of capital and not much labour then wages rise. Returns to capital are high in places with little of it. This is just how things work. Diamonds are rare therefore they’re expensive, seawater, you often enough pay to have it taken away there’s so much of it.


42 thoughts on “Power, profit, moves to the thing in short supply. Always”

  1. Ballet is a waste of time and space.

    That silly sods who are interested in poncing about in it are at a premium is another non-surprise. Presumably soon that will be offset by legions of trannies so you will soon be able to waste your arty and pretentious pounds watching an even bigger prancing freak show than you already are.

  2. I am given to understand that there is a genre of popular entertainment in which women dominate, have the control, and get paid the most. A swift change of discipline is surely all that is required?

  3. “Diamonds are rare therefore they’re expensive”

    More to it than that though. Diamonds are also decorative and durable. It’s a combination of qualities people want plus rarity.

    People with 6 toes on each foot are rare. Doesn’t mean that rarity makes someone with 6 toes a valued commodity.

  4. Mr Ecks’ succinct evaluation of ballet is accurate.

    Any chance of a compendium of Ecks’wisdom?

    With humourous cartoons.

  5. I rather like ballet.
    Its a dance method I can never use but as a visual method of presenting a story its entertaining.

    Used to know a guy in the army who did ballet. His squadmates didn’t call him a poofter, bit hard to call someone who outruns you, outfights you and can bench press more than you a poofter – he held his battalion’s record for physical fitness.
    The guys have the power – and a lot less competition – but only by working harder than the girls do. They have to learn the dances and stage movements like the girls plus be able to do the lifts.
    Think the same training plus 3 hours gym time a day plus a restricted diet like the girls (though somewhat different).

  6. At auditions, Scanlon said she always dreaded being in a group with a boy, even if he wasn’t very good. She knew that whomever was in charge of auditions would only watch him.

    “They’re just put on a pedestal, like, kind of above the law in every way. And they know it,” Waterbury said.”

    What a horrible experience, after all, there’s no way women would ever be treated like that, is there?

  7. ‘Balanchine was reportedly mild compared to his contemporaries. Jerome Robbins was known for his temper (one scholar mentioned he threw chairs at dancers), and Antony Tudor would intentionally humiliate performers during rehearsals.’

    Whah! Whah! Whah!

    ‘Far from expunged from dance history, all three men are icons, and their work became the standard for future generations.’

    Uhh . . . why would they be expunged? Make a fvcking case before you suggest expungement. This is a case for Villarreal’s expungement.

  8. Off topic:

    Thank you Timmy for leading me to find a signal amongst the noise. Many of ya’ll will hate this, but the “right”-wing loses again. Pharaoh isn’t god, deal with it.

  9. I was always with Ecks on this until someone dragged me to watch some Russians do Swan Lake. I found it mesmerizing; although I didn’t have a clue what was going on.

    On the other hand when the wife dragged me to watch Turandot it confirmed my presumption that opera is preposterous tosspottery.

  10. The handy thing about ballet is that you can watch it in any country without understanding a word of the native language.

    If ballet is so great for boys though, why do so few of them take part? Do the great male ballerinos of the past not encourage their sons to take part in it? Do they even have any sons?

  11. Professional dancing–however stupid a waste of time it is–is very hard work.

    I once saw a dance caper on TV–one Xmas I think it was: they usually put some arthouse crap on then–with Slyvie Gulliem –similar to the below-


    I marvelled at her mastery of her body. What a superb martial artist she would have made had she not chosen to waste her time and efforts on pointless cavorting.

  12. Andrew m,

    Some years (decades) ago, during the loony lefty GLC days, a London school cancelled a trip to see the ballet of Romeo and Juliet, on the grounds that it was too promotional of heterosexuality. Private Eye can a cartoon of two male ballerinas, one holding a newspaper with the headline “ballet ‘Too heterosexual’, and the other dancer saying “Too heterosexual? I’ll sue!”

  13. Thus refuting the nonsensical notion that third wave feminism is an obsession of the upper middle class agitating to improve the position of the female upper middle class.

  14. “Martin

    I rather like ballet.”

    Boxing is like ballet.

    Except there’s no music and the participants are hitting each other.

  15. “Professional dancing–however stupid a waste of time it is–is very hard work.”

    If it’s a profession (as in paid occupation) then it isn’t a stupid waste of time. Even if dancing was just an enjoyable hobby it wouldn’t be a stupid waste of time. What people willingly do and pay for is what should make the world go around.

    These sorts of thing, however, are what clog up the gears of the world going around:



  16. “…opera is preposterous tosspottery.”

    Overall it’s just panto for the posh. But some bits of it (arias, etc) are breathtaking genius.

  17. PJF… yes I got into that final ‘Victory’ song cause its famous and impressive and whatnot.

    Wifey just sat there amazed at the singing cause she’s filipino and into all that.

    We watched Chicago last month. Much better because its in English and actually fun…. although i was worried she might get murderous ideas…..

  18. also… Chinese loved Turandot even though it is awful yellow face cultural appropriation.

    its almost like cultural appropriation is some self loathing white liberal problem.

  19. “The guys have the power – and a lot less competition – but only by working harder than the girls do…Think the same training plus 3 hours gym time a day plus a restricted diet like the girls (though somewhat different).”

    Considerably different from the girls. Knew a couple of ballerinas and their diets seemed to consist of fast food, alcohol & cigarettes. Mostly cigarettes.
    You’re right about the training, though. The first hour of the day they hobble around like cripples emitting strange grating & popping noises from abused joints & muscles.The exercises are to get them able to stand up straight & move like normal people.

  20. “I prefer shuffle dancing.”

    The amazing Venn diagram of Tim Worstall commenters has another overlap. Shuffle (and related) is so positive and bouncy. Da young blokes can dance too, and look cool not poncy.

    This gal is in a dance crossover zone:


    though her shuffling wins:


    Despite the mime overtones, dubstep dance is also fun and skilled:


    girlies too:


    Speaking of Koreans:


  21. The intolerance of the average Worstall commentator is above average. I thought Liberalism was about “live and let live”, accepting other people’s points of view and interests as long as they don’t impinge on me. Fortunately, Ecks has declared his totalitarian impulses. Unless it is on his list of accepted occupations – living in isolation, excessive consumption of drain cleaner, bulk reading of the Daily Mail, never using public transport, compulsive sniffing of rope – it should be banned. Ecks is the next biggest bansturbating freak since Mr Kim in North Korea

  22. You must have bashed your hollow cranium on your barrel again Dio-rrhea.

    I advocated banning nothing you ancient Greek fuckwit. People should be free to waste their own money. Or the Earth’s oxygen supply as you do daily.Indeed I specifically said so above–not enough light getting thro’ your bunghole to read by?

    ps–No longer read the Daily Mail at all since that remainiac scummer Greig took over from Daycare and started licking May out.

    Folk also have the right to be wrong but you abuse it.

  23. “speaking up will negatively affect their career”

    I admit that “negatively affect” is better than “negatively impact”, but why do people choose to write English that is shite?

  24. “Ballet is a waste of time and space.”

    Quite right. ‘S’obvious. (Except the two I’ve seen which were good stuff.)

  25. @ Andrew C
    Both demand extreme physical fitness and co-ordination from the males (boxers don’t have to pick up girls but apat from that) and very fast reactions (if the girl thrown at you is a degree or so off trajectory you have to adjust while she is in the air).
    The big difference is that boxers enjoy what they are doing so much that they ignore the pain if and when they get hit – male ballet dancers get paid. [Oh, pendants, yes there are asmall minoriy of professional boxers, but none of them were not amateur boxers first]

  26. Yeah, PJF, it looks like GD has talent, though I don’t like either of the music selections.

    Sven Otten is the king of shuffle dancing. When I got into watching shuffle dancing on Youtube, I kept asking myself, “Who is that guy ?!?!”

  27. ‘Diamonds are rare therefore they’re expensive’

    Not all that rare. Well managed by De Beers is why they are expensive.

  28. In my varied life, albeit mostly a long time ago, I’ve worked in different factories, farms, and offices. I’ve removed furniture, including a piano up stairs. Ive washed pots, erected tents and scaffolding. I was a competitive swimmer to quite a high standard and my current career is scarcely a breeze. I’ve also attempted infantry pepper pot attacks uphill and, recently, I started boxing in the gym. I’ve never danced.

    My conclusion, and I’m certain there’s something Darwinian in this, is that by a country mile, fighting is the most insanely extreme hard work that can be done. There’s nothing else like it, it’s off the scale. Try it. A minute, punching a bag. A minute running up a hill in CEFO.

    How boxers and proper infantryman do it, is a matter of wonder to me.

    But dancing’s spiffing. Especially when done by pert birds.

  29. Pcar +1

    Why not posted here too?

    Good stuff! Although crappy title on Contins – “Freedom Fighters” ?! – I missed it.

    Tim, self promotion is not your forte! The one thing that spud may appear to be better at…..

  30. @ Edward Lud
    Boxers have to be abnormally, excruciatingly fit. Take a Rugby forward and put him in a boxing gym and he is struggling (according to a couple that I knew when I was young).
    When I was in my forties and fifties I used to overtake people running up the hills in 10km and the occasional half-marathon but I have to say that I was staggered the first time I ran the Robin Hood Marathons and there was a couple of soldiers running in kit with packs. I just don’t want to get *that* fit.

  31. ‘Diamonds are rare therefore they’re expensive’

    No, gem-quality diamonds are more common and cheaper to produce than you’d think – the price is driven by a monopoly supplier artificially restricting supply. When a supply of yellow diamonds was found in Australia someone turned up and said “Nice diamonds you’ve got here. Maybe you’d like to sell them all to us. I mean, if you don’t we have vaults of these things and it would be a shame if someone flooded the market and drove you into bankruptcy, wouldn’t it?”

    Due to WW2 demand collapsed and oversupply was so bad that barrels of diamonds were thrown into the sea off Namibia. Which are now washing ashore, and which is why if you walk the Skeleton Coast you get searched by security guards as you leave

  32. I’ve seen boxing, never tried it. I’m more the ‘avoid getting hit’ person than the ‘get hit and take it’ kind.
    Watch the boxers dance – legwork is very good, both in attack and defence.

  33. @flatcap Army

    Due to WW2 demand collapsed and oversupply was so bad that barrels of diamonds were thrown into the sea off Namibia. Which are now washing ashore, and which is why if you walk the Skeleton Coast you get searched by security guards as you leave

    You got a link to that ? Diamonds have been washed down the Orange river into the see in Namibia and then washed on the beach which is the reason you don’t have general access to the Sperregebiet.

  34. Gunker said:
    “Diamonds have been washed down the Orange river into the see in Namibia”

    So the Bishop owns them all?

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