Australian rugby was plunged into embarrassment on Friday after it emerged that Adam Ashley-Cooper and Kurtley Beale were not considered for selection to face England because they invited three women back to their Newport hotel room a fortnight ago.

Consenting adults attempting to get laid is a no no these days?

Perhaps we should move back to the older hypocrisy which was that it was fine with the sort of woman who would and deeply scandalous with the sort who wouldn’t? Tho’, obviously, how scandalous is consent?

10 thoughts on “Seriously?”

  1. Curious turn of phrase. There’s nothing wrong with inviting a woman back to your hotel room. It’s only noteworthy if they accept the invitation.

  2. What the fuck is wrong with sport?

    It’s the sponsors, I reckon.These companies want a clean image. The fans don’t. They loved how Gazza behaved or that Botham would regularly get shitfaced. Snooker and darts were all the more authentic for players drinking and smoking.

    We’re going to need rogue sports. Probably on YouTube. I think we should take a hint from a story this week and have drunk curling. Curling is a sport to die to, but if you add in that players have to drink a finger of scotch for each point they get, maybe make the teams mixed and it’s going to be more fun.

    Or Tour de France with drugs. No messing, just anyone can take anything. We’ll have teams from rogue states producing their best athletes. It’ll be a triumph of science.

    Or just go old school and have bare-knuckle prize fighting.

    Women’s sport will be represented, but only in the form of no minger tennis so I can get to watch more women like Gabriella Sabatini and Wozniaki and less of the Williams Sisters and Betty Stove.

  3. Professional athletes have become the monks of our time. Chaste, locked away, a sacrifice for some kind of higher purpose.

  4. This ‘incident’ was reported by the other players to the management, something I find depressing. No one likes a grass.

    Although, Michael Hooper still has credit with me for defending Israel Folau’s right to his opinions about homosexuality.

  5. I thought the old hypocrisy was that it was fine with those who wouldn’t (fine decent upstanding women, wives) but scandalous with those who would (trollops, shop girls, don’t-know-betters, etc.).

  6. I rather wonder what the point of being a high profile sportsman is if it is not to gain greater access to consenting women.

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