A teenager managed to lose his driver’s licence just 49 minutes after getting it, German police said.

The 18-year-old was returning from his successful driving test when officers in the town of Hemer checked his car with a laser speed gun.

He was clocked travelling almost twice the speed limit – at 95km/h (60mph) in a 50km/h (30mph) zone.

6 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. Well at least he had a licence (albeit temporarily) Where i live we have got a lot of vibrancy (mainly east europeans and turks) and they are forever being found with no licence/tax/mot/insurance. In fact one enterprising soul even purchased a stolen licence after he had been banned for drink driving – a subset of the vibrancy seem to think drink driving is an instruction rather than a prohibition. A regular sight round the local streets is cars clamped en masse by the dvla of our local eastern europeans.
    Of course with the system we have in place where you have to declare to the seller your name and address , if you buy an old banger under a false one, unless you get stopped by the traffic cops or the dvla do a sweep you can have years of tax free motoring.

  2. To be fair, I used to know a guy who did almost exactly the same thing, although not quite that quickly; passed his test in the afternoon, drove his mates down the pub to celebrate in the evening.

  3. Pcar, seems to me that English independence would solve all problems and ditch all the sheet anchors which prevent success.

  4. The was a local lad couple of years older than me growing up who passed his test, went out for a few pints with his mates to celebrate and got nicked for drink driving on the way home…

  5. Jeremy Clarkson told the story of when the driving instructor said “well done you’ve passed the test” he mistakenly heard “you’re the best driver i’ve ever met” —and wrote off his car pretty soon afterwards.

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