Strong and Stable

Steadying the proverbial ship..

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  1. Strong and stable describes the qualities needed in the rope for her public execution for treason. After due process of course.

    The bullshit of Project Fear gets dafter by the day. “Worst UK depression since the 1930s”–absolute cockrot. They may think we are stupid but its them if they think any of their shite will fly.

    1930’s??–why not since the Fall of Rome you fuckwits?

  2. Probably worse than the Fall of Rome, probably the worst since the sinking of Atlantis.
    Actually, probably less than 2007-8, and where was the EU when they were needed then?

  3. I can see the Mail hemeraging readers, me for one.

    Indeed, see below. First, have you noticed many of their columnists – eg Brummer, Glover, Vine (Mrs Gove) – have changed their opinion since Remoaner Greig became editor?

    They’re all supporting May and her Surrender Agreement now.

  4. Anti-Brexit Spin Puts Mail Newspapers In A Tailspin?

    All newspapers appear to be losing readers – but the Mail most of all

    Why so large? In part, possibly because of Mr George Carron Greig’s editorship since he took over the DM from Paul Dacre. The new line on Brexit, vilifying those who are trying to see the result of the Referendum put into practice, will have repelled many readers.

  5. I have no idea why these Conservatives are backing May’s deal. May is over. Either she loses soon (and a Eurosceptic broom won’t have these people as friends), or she wins and UKIP rises and wipes out majorities.

    If a Eurosceptic gets on the Conservative ballot, the remainer will not win. The membership will vote for the leaver.

    And there isn’t going to be a “turn”. Every year, more and more of our trade is going to the rest of the world. If people narrowly want to leave now, that’s going to be significant in a decade. If you’re a remainer now, you’re a neanderthal.

  6. Look, be warned! If there’s a Brexit day, then:

    *Thousands of Guardian readers will seek asylum in France, having paddled their dinghies into Frog waters…

    *Birds will fall dead from the air, as the sky darkens…

    *Tombs will break open, and the dead will walk the streets…

    * Cataclysm and the Apocalypse will be upon us!!!

    Repent, repent of Brexit! Kneel and turn to Brussels, our Lord and Saviour!

    (OK, OK, that was heavy-handed.)

  7. Pcar,

    “Remoaner Greig is destroying The Daily Mail”

    This is like putting Mary Whitehouse in charge of the porn.

  8. You do know that’s at least 6 months old, possibly older! I first saw it ages ago.

    To be honest, the Monty Python Holy Grail one was funnier.

    It’s worth noting, unlike the left, the right can generally stand a decent joke at its expense, particularly if it’s actually funny. I don’t see remainers laughing at a pro-Brexit skit of a similar nature.

  9. The only skit I’d like to see is based on Dante’s Inferno. With the entire Tory Party & Civil Service writhing in torment on all seven circles.

  10. When I first saw this (over a year ago? It’s got Cameron in it after all and when was the last time we thought about him?) I thought, if only the liberal lefties put as much effort into making a success of Brexit instead of their constant smug sneering at the wishes of the ‘thick white proles’ then we might get somewhere.

  11. Mark T,

    ” I thought, if only the liberal lefties put as much effort into making a success of Brexit instead of their constant smug sneering at the wishes of the ‘thick white proles’ then we might get somewhere.”

    But they’re all arrogant tosspots with no clue about the populace. They think the EU is marvellous and that us thick proles are going to swallow whatever bullshit they push our way. It’s astounding the way that May has learnt nothing. We’ve had decades of lies over Maastricht, Lisbon, immigration targets, renegotiation. Lies over all of them. And over that time, UKIP and leave support grew and they just thought they could call everyone loonies and racists and that would sort it out.

    This deal is crap and most of their MPs are supporting it. Which means the organisation is rotten.

  12. For once I find myself in agreement with Corbyn and his assessment of the meaningless of the Brexit debate vs the meaningless of I’m a Celebrity

  13. @PJF, November 29, 2018 at 10:39 pm

    “..probably one of the best funnies we have seen this year…”

    Very funny, very well done – very anti-Brexit.

    “very anti-Brexit.” – yep, my thought too. Hence why I did not link to it when it appeared on TR days ago as “promoting” anti-May’s sellout march.


  14. Pcar

    “It will be a decision for Parliament as to whether they accept the deal that I and the Government have negotiated on behalf of the European – err, of the United Kingdom with the European Union.”

    This Government has not substantially negotiated anything.

    This “deal” had been drawn up in Brussels, and then presenred to the British, and – whatever the ensuing charade – pretty much accepted as such.

    May is simply lying *again*.

  15. See the science minister has quit pointing out that the EU stance on booting U.K. out of Galileo project that the U.K. has contributed 1.4bn to is indicative of how bad the agreement is and what U.K. can expect to come.
    It seems the EU is using the German ploy of ‘we woild really like to help you and agree with you about it, but we have to follow these rules, sorry you know how it is’
    Of course the rules are rules they made up and they only apply when it suits them

  16. Brexit Turncoat News

    Fox roasted on Sky News yesterday for betraying Leave voters

    Penny Mordaunt Backs May, Slams ‘Unhelpful’ Mogg

    Michael Gove Support Theresa May’s deal

    Remoaner Wollaston: “Leave lied, we must share our fish.” – No, you lie, May has effectively given them away for nothing, CAP Rules too most likely – UK not allowed to compete.

    May has also agreed EU will dictate UK Foreign policy – UN Security Seat too?

    Free movement – no it’s not stopped, simply reclassified similar to UN Global Migrant Compact: Illegal Immigrant Irregular Migrant.

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