Taxing Meat…

The ASI Youths are right again. This time its meat..

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  1. He’s wrong imv, but he’s a young writer you say. The meat industry in the UK is subsidised through CAP, VED exemptions and cheap red diesel, and fresh meat is also not taxed in the same way as take-away consumption. Thus we have two significant net bungs to the rich going on.
    Neither were mentioned.

  2. @Bongo, November 28, 2018 at 7:11 pm

    Thus we have two significant net bungs to the rich going on.

    Bungs to “the rich” You what?

    Not paying VED or Fuel tax on off-road vehicles is not a bung to “the rich”

    VAT on meals in a hotel, restaurant etc is not a bung to “the rich”

    I guess you class VAT on a Rolex watch as a bung to “the rich” using your confused Murphyesque logic

  3. Tim, you are wasting your time. Most people are more than happy to eat reconstituted shite, the cheaper the better.

  4. @Pcar – VED is meant to be a charge on emissions. Those people exempt from paying it for agricultural vehicles they own are not in the bottom half of the wealth distribution – a tractor and any other farm mech costs a multiple of a family car.
    As for restaurants – the hotels and restaurants you are thinking of are clearly not patronised by the lower half of the income distribution. McD and BK are restaurants too, and ime definitely are.

  5. @Bongo,

    VED – a charge on emissions? On Vehicles on State’s roads’, not Off-Road vehicles, lawnmowers, chain-saws, hedge-trimmers, Go-Karts etc.

    Compulsory vehicle insurance is same.

    VED – a charge on emissions? That must be paid even if zero running time and zero emissions if a wheel touches state road – not emissions charge then is it?

    Farmers: like any group, some are rich, some average, some struggling.

    Not a “bung to the rich”

    How is VAT on Hotel, Restaurant, And/Or Cafe, McD, BK, KFC food a “bung to the rich”?

    There is zero logic in your claims.

  6. “… for many families who are not capable of spending the time providing a balanced vegetable diet, it could lead to malnourishment in our children…”

    Chavmums feeding an exclusive diet of takeaways & sugary drinks are already doing that!

  7. Are you sure that you’re looking in the right direction, on this? Government’s long been wanting to put tax on food to bring the UK in-line with the the other EU countries. Given that government is still very much in a BRINO posture, a “level playingfield” on food taxes may well have been one of the concessions handed over in Brussels as part of the capitulations…sorry…negotiations.
    So now government’s left with finding a way of implementing its agreement without attacting the ire of the electorate. Aha! 10% VAT on meat for the public’s own good, it says. Make you all healthier. Save the NHS (Wonder of the World!) gazzilions. And what’s this in the small print? EU regs say we can’t introduce VAT on some foods without having VAT on all foods. Government will show how generous it is by having a lower rate on some Healthy! foods. Like fresh veg & fruit.
    And now your supermarket food bills are going to look suspiciously like the Spanish one I just paid.

  8. Like support for the EU prior to the referendum, all the main parties support this shit about food and lifestyle choices. Even if people aren’t sheeplike and allow themselves to be stampeded by the endless lies and misinformation from the State, their sock puppets in NGOs and the media, what alternative do they vote for?

  9. @ Bongo
    Most farmers are *not* rich. In many years their wives make more profit from B&B for tourists than the farmer makes from his farm. That’s in aggregate so includes a few farmers making a lot of money and a lot of farmers making a loss or sod all.

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