That’s a no then

European Union fishing fleets must be given wide-ranging access to British coastal waters as the price of agreeing an all-UK Brexit divorce deal, the Telegraph can reveal.

Senior EU diplomats have warned that any plan to grant the UK a temporary customs union to solve the Irish backstop problem must come with cast-iron guarantees that EU boats will be free to fish in UK waters.

Given that the CFP is pretty much the worst EU policy in the first place, this is where we just say No. Nope, and bugger off.

12 thoughts on “That’s a no then”

  1. Agreed. It should be a no.

    Anyone care to give odds that our spineless politicos of dubious loyalty will agree?

  2. Isn’t this the trade-off the treacherous bint has been after all along as part of the BRINO she’s aiming for?

  3. 2018
    “It is only temporary and the exit mechanism is workable”

    Which is what any MP voting for this will point at.

    “On further legal advice the EU is disputing our right to leave, will take us to an uncertain arbitration during which we will be in limbo, and it might be simpler not to change anything”

  4. Opening up our waters to the CFP was one of the original great lies by Ted Heath.

    The failure to own up to this kind of behaviour was one of key reasons for voting leave.

  5. Also, the failure even to recognise this as outrageous so that it is possible to call this kind of bluff was why Cameron failed to get anything like the kind of re-negotiation that could have prevented the referendum going the wrong way in the first place.

    If May rolls over on this one, it will not end well.

  6. I sometimes fantasize about pissing on Heath’s grave, but there’s always someone looking when I’m in Salisbury Cathedral.

  7. Homeopathic piss in an atomised spray Witchie–they’ll never notice.

    Or a small robot–ever more of them in the shops–with a remote camera and a squeeze bag.

    And another camera to record cos that last one will go viral bigger than 1918.

  8. Fucking hell, Factortame v2.0? Really? That was, what? Ten cases beginning in ’78~79 finishing a couple of years ago? Arising from issues identified in legal advice given to Heath about 4 years before we joined?

    Can we nuke Iceland?

  9. And when she caves in over this – as she will – I wonder what their next demand will be?

    Whatever it is, she’ll give it to them.

    Beyond contempt.

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