This doesn’t work

But fast forward only 20 years, and each of those countries has now experienced a major populist rebellion. Pim Fortuyn and then Geert Wilders in the Netherlands. The Sweden Democrats, who recently reached a new record share of the vote. Alternative for Germany, which has more than 90 seats in the Bundestag and seats in 15 of Germany’s 16 state parliaments. And in the UK, Nigel Farage and the UK Independence party forced a referendum on Britain’s EU membership which voted for Brexit. Sometimes we forget how quickly radical change in politics can occur.

Ukip’s the odd one out there. One policy, one issue, victory achieved and look at the support for the party now.

It’s different.

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  1. And in the Guardian article, 20 years is the timeframe.
    No mention of the creation of the Euro 20 years ago. Which froze exchange rates across Europe, leading to the debt crisis, unemployment on a vast scale, and migration to luckier lands.
    I date the political crisis from then.

  2. When a wave of people in a country fall under the spell of the unicorn rainbow fantasy shyte of socialism the liberal media talk about ‘spring’ and ‘awakenings’.

    When the people of that country realise socialism is shyte, doesn’t work as an economic policy and is capable of destroying in a matter of years a country’s centuries long developed traditions and culture, the liberal press denounce this as evil nasty populism and probably neo-liberal.

  3. Batten is the ONLY UK Leader talking about the migrant takeover. The only one with a national profile and getting on the media. Sure all they do is try to rubbish him but Mandy Rice-Davies covered that.

  4. Jas – disagree. FPTP Saved us from eternal Clegg deputism. Doesn’t avoid coalition but it’s primarily the responsibility of the party to have a broad appeal for the electorate to then vote on. Means the voter has to make a stark choice, not express a preference.

  5. Hallowed Be: FPTP should include none of the above as an option which, if in the majority, should be followed with consequences for the permanent political classes, possibly Ecksian.

  6. We’ll see how UKIP support developes.
    UKIP thrived by addressing an issue that the populace cared about but the political class ignored.
    Given another such issue it will rise again. Possible issues would seem to be Brexit (if May cocks it up), the behaviour of certain Muslims, the ludicrously expensive response to global warming (along with the uselessness of that response and indeed the validity of the underlying theory).
    I note that sundry you-tubers and internet personalities have been recruited, which implies a campaign independent of the MSM- a sensible approach given the lack of sympathy from the MSM and the success of Five Star and the League from online campaigning.
    The mainstream parties could keep them down by paying attention to ordinary people and respecting their views, but I see little prospect of that

  7. UKIP is a different beast now to when I was in it. It’s more like Wilders (For Britain is really a British PVV). I might chuck them a vote if I’m really pissed off with Islam, but if the Tories deliver a proper Brexit then it’s the Conservatives.

  8. Paul–and what do you the chances of the Tories delivering anything other than a pile of Treason May’s turds are?

  9. Nope. Spoil your paper if you want but Eksian solutions are always equally as bad as the problems they purport to address. FPTP delivers exit stage left followed by bear to Clegg, Balls, Portillo, under most European systems they are at the table slurping gravy for as long as they want to be there.

  10. Under our system we can get rid of them. Under most European systems, they can’t. I used to be a supporter of the European system but consider that, in the Netherlands, there are something like 12 or 13 parties in the Tweede Kamer. No-one party is the most popular but in the past here we’d have a coalition of Conservatives + UKIP. and Labour + Lib Dems, with the LDs being kingmakers I reckon.

  11. You misunderstand me Mr Ecks. If none of the above wins the majority on FPTP it is a clear signal that the political classes are deemed unfit for rule and should be disposed of. You are the most eloquent contributor on this blog as to how. (Secret fan confession)

  12. Thank you for the kind words LjH–but I must point out once again that–apart from a few moments when rage got the better of me and fists smacking into faces seemed the only suitable and proportionate response to the latest outrage–I have never advocated mass murder or the disposal of anyone much ( the occasional mass-murdering socialist puke being paid in kind apart) without due process of law.

  13. Bloke in Germany in Poland

    The view of this classical liberal is that the Fortuyns, Wilders, Orbans, and Kurzs of this world are the actual liberals, in wanting to protect the achievements of European civilisation against a severe threat.

    It is very sad that the part of that liberal democratic spectrum (it is too recent
    , diverse, and fragile to call it a tradition) that calls us to protect the oppressed needs to ne curtailed to prevent our hard-won freedoms from ultimately being destroyed by the demands for submission to the new culture seeking the protection it cannot find among its own ummah. But, Insh’allah, eh?

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