To City University


Thank you for your kind inquiry as to whether I would be interested in your vacancy for a Professor of Practice in International Political Economy. I understand that the pay rate is that of a Senior Lecturer. Given that I have no teaching experience nor no known ability at such I should be able to take up the reins of the previous incumbent without too much difficulty.

I do though have what might be a major concern. I actually know something about international, political and economy, having had an international business career for some decades, been intimately involved in party politics and fought more than one election, plus a known and demonstrable knowledge of economics. Even my predecessor in the post on offer has agreed with that last point despite his disliking the flavour of my opinions built upon that knowledge. I do need to reassure myself that knowing something of the subjects under discussion is not going to disqualify me from your detailed consideration for the post.

I should also ask whether the vermine comes with the post or is that something I should try to organise separately?

Your etc.

A. Applicant.

7 thoughts on “To City University”

  1. It would probably work if you could bring lots of sponsorship. I suspect the prospect of mucho dinero would sweep away any concerns that you are too well qualified…

  2. It’s not the qualifications, knowledge or lack of them that would secure or preclude your appointment. The mere hint of the ASI and UKIP would mark you out as far right neoliberal and that would be worse for the recruiting board than being a convicted kiddie fiddler

  3. “[tax spillover] is, I believe, a key issue in creating tax justice in the future, but is hardly known now.”

    Now doubt another area for Spud to

    (i) know nothing about, then
    (ii) suddenly decide he’s an expert in it and then
    (iii) claim to have invented.

  4. Utterly brilliant!

    Professor Murphy Richards

    The calculation is subject to my usual peer review process, i.e. I want to be a peer, I thought about the issue for two minutes, and if you disagree then I will block you.

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