Well done Zoe, well done

In talking about French Presidents Zoe Williams gives us this:

You would think it would be really easy to govern a country and have a high-functioning relationship, since all of those problems that regularly capsize a marriage – infidelity, addiction, debt, yoga – you wouldn’t have time for anyway, unless you were a leader from the 1970s.

Can anyone recall a French President who didn’t have the time for infidelity?

13 thoughts on “Well done Zoe, well done”

  1. If you call being sodomised by his bodyguards infidelity then your statement is true even of the contemporary jobholding waste of space.

  2. Do you know something I don’t, Mr Ecks? To me he looks like the sort of mec, likes to relax with his stamp collection, evenings.

  3. BiS–Did you miss the recent caper where one of the pukes protecting Granny’s Boy had a hobby running around with the CRS using their numbers to allow him to club–danger-free to his own self of course–various unwashed protesters. While I am no friend to leftists this is a negative development. How soon before Drunker and other Euro-trash are adopting the same little hobby–club the plebs while protected by a thug squad?

    As a result of this the BG squad got lots of unwanted attention and it emerged just how odd matters were. GB was socialising with his goons and being dangerously cozy with those who are supposed to give their lives in his place if it kicks off. Lots of BGs** don’t like their “Principals” — Killery’s crew christening her Helicopter “Broomstick One” being a good example—-but they are professional enough to do their jobs and keep an appropriate relationship to the protected. Not so with Macron . He appears to be aiming to make his BGs into a monosexual cast of “Friends” with Mr Club as Jennifer Aniston.

    Indeed the lad publicly denied the love that all too often these days speaks its name.

    Hey–if Granny’s Boy wants to establish his own Theban band on the French taxpayer that is up to him and the mug population of France who voted for him. But should the bullets start flying my guess is he will find out he should have stuck with distant and aloof if he wants to be safe. The “favourites” type caper was old and bad news long ago as Caligula found out.

    **Hey–GB=-Granny’s Boy/ BG=body guard–coincidence again)

  4. allthegoodnamesaretaken

    Can anyone recall a Frenchman who didn’t have the time for infidelity?

    Blackadder: Now I’ve got my lovely fire I’m happy as a Frenchman who’s invented a pair of self-removing trousers.

  5. You would think it would be really easy to govern a country

    If you write for the Guardian, yes. Plus it’s France, so an extra layer of difficulty.

  6. I thought it was Mme Macron who had indulged in infidelity with a schoolfriend of her daughter? “Mani” was not married at the time.

  7. Zoe has another article in the Graun today, saying the editor of the Waitrose food magazine shouldn’t have been sacked. An almost Liberal opinion. Obviously she applies different standards to foodies than anyone else.

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