Well, yes, guess so

Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, has condemned international sanctions on his country as the work of “hostile forces” to impede efforts to improve the living standards of his citizens.

That is pretty much what they are.

14 thoughts on “Well, yes, guess so”

  1. If the fat cunt really cared about improving the living standards of his citizens, he’d abolish socialism and allow his mass slave labour camp to rejoin the South.

    And then turn himself in for crimes against humanity.

  2. Kim has a tiger by the tail.
    If he liberalises the country and alleviates poetry he gets shof, most likely by the NK elite.

  3. Pat–Maybe –but his evil can’t go on the way it has been going.

    Slowly a black market–even under Hellish NK conditions is growing. And smart phones are bringing enough contact for the idea to slowly spread that NK isn’t the garden spot of the Earth–cos socialism of course–and that they are being conned. That may not be a instant threat to the Fat One’s status as socialismo’s Milky Bar Kid but it is getting there.

    And as for rival red scumbags–well he is in constant danger from that anyway. Hence his former pals and relatives thrown to dogs or turned into doilies by an AA gun. Sooner or later one of them will get the drop on the left’s Fat Little Munchkin and his turn will come to give Satan’s new arrivals Dept a laugh.

    His only chance IMO is to try and improve things for the masses at a pace that will allow him to claim credit as Father of their New Happy Life –this time for real at least to some degree–and hope he can stay on top by not allowing the gate opening to let in a flood that will sweep him away.

    Very risky for His Fatness. His choices are increasingly limited however. Once a Tyrant’s Grip releases , even a little, the flood waters are looking for any hole in the dyke. So to speak.

    Lets hope it all goes even more pear-shaped for the murdering, torturing Fat Little Socialist Twat.

  4. The impediment to citizen living standards is often collatoral damage; sometimes there are mitigations in sanctions for the benefit of the populace. The true aim is the behaviour of the national government.

    I do agree that leaders should be directly shot for alleviating poetry.

  5. Idi Amin took refuge in Saudi Arabia when he left Uganda. I don’t think any sane person would try that now. You wouldn’t make it out of the consulate. So where is there to bolt to for the fat monster? His only option is to stay and tough it out.

  6. If Kim Jong-Un is so worried about his serfs being hungry, why doesn’t he go on a diet and allow the sefs a little more to eat?

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Idi Amin took refuge in Saudi Arabia when he left Uganda. I don’t think any sane person would try that now. You wouldn’t make it out of the consulate. So where is there to bolt to for the fat monster? His only option is to stay and tough it out.”

    Difficult as it it it might be better to let dictators have an easy out just to get rid of them and free the country. The alternative is that they get ever more paranoid and desperate to cling to power with the consequence that millions suffer and many die.

  8. @Ian Reid, November 1, 2018 at 2:15 pm

    Kim Fat Boy would be welcomed by Cuba, Venezuela and a few African countries

  9. Sanctions are a cowardly way to satisfy public opinion by being seen to do something, no matter how ineffective or even harmful. They have achieved precisely nothing positive everywhere they have been deployed: White supremacist Southern Africa, Cuba, Myanmar, Poland, Russia, Iraq. The ruling elite, totally unaffected, continue to quaff caviar and champagne while the proles starve.

  10. @ Southerner
    Actually, sanctions did impact on white supremacist South Africa, creating an economic recession so bad that black south africans went to work in the gold mines that had previously relied mainly on migrants from Mozambique and other poorer countries – which had a knock-on effect of severely increasing poverty and malnutrition in Mozambique which had relied on remittances from mineworkers in South Africa.
    The US sanctions on Southern Rhodesia which produced “Virginia” tobaccoat a significantly lower price for the same quality as the USA created unemployment among Black Rhodesians, aiding murderous Mugabe and the evil Hoxha regime (Hoxha regarded Krushchev and even Brezhnev as too moderate) in Albania by substituting Chrome bought from horrendously polluting chrome refineries in Albania for that previously purchased from Rhodesia.
    Sanctions *do* have an impact, but Lyndon Johnson’s hit the wrong people.

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