What calibre?

Plans to use snipers to shoot colonies of parakeets that have multiplied across Spain have drawn the ire of animal activists in the country.

We talking about dead budgies littering the streets or clouds of mist gently dispersing in the air?

16 thoughts on “What calibre?”

  1. But chucking donkeys out of towers and stabbing bulls to death in the name of traditional and entertainment is ok?

  2. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to the rounds when they miss. But I’ll not be keeping an eye open for them

  3. ‘But while trapping was costly and time consuming, using professionals to shoot the birds was “more flexible” and yielded quicker results, he told the Spanish news agency EFE.’

    Let the local boys shoot them with their pellet guns. That’s how we controlled European sparrows when I was a kid.

    ‘Professionals’ seems an odd word. As does ‘sniper.’ The story byline is Hannah Strange. She is reporting on Dailos Hernández-Brito. It appears -Brito’s English was a little broken, and Hannah was too stupid to realize the inappropriateness of the words.

    I blame the messenger.

  4. ‘You can buy a machine gun that fires shotgun cartridges, you know.’

    I know I can’t. They make ’em, but I can’t buy ’em.

    Not since the Firearms Owners Protection (sic) Act of 1986. It banned U.S. civilian purchase of newly manufactured automatic weapons. One of Reagan’s few flubs.

    I can buy (transfer) old ones, like an MG42, but not a new one.

  5. Hey, my great-grandfather was killed by a sniper in 1918. I feel very upset now. You’ve hurt my feelings and I wanna consolation. A cupla dozen grand should do it.

  6. ‘Professionals’ seems an odd word. As does ‘sniper.’

    Why sniper? Sniper would seem more appropriate in this use than the military context. The word comes from the shooting of snipe. A bird

  7. “I know I can’t. They make ’em, but I can’t buy ’em.”

    I’m told that I could buy many sorts of guns by pitching up at the right pub. Or hire one for the weekend. I haven’t put it to the test – it seems more sensible to buy a rifle or shotgun legally. But if I wanted a pistol then it would have to be the pub.

  8. That’s what boomerangs where invented for. You throw it in to a flock of them, it knocks off a few then comes back to you then you go collect your dead budgies.

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