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Which is worse?

Donald Trump played a “central role” in hush money payments to a porn star and Playboy model before the 2016 election, the Wall Street Journal reported.

According to the report Mr Trump worked closely with publisher David Pecker, using the National Enquirer magazine to pay off the women.

The president has previously denied involvement but the newspaper claimed he was closely engaged, and directed, the effort to pay the women – porn star Stormy Daniels and former Playboy model Karen McDougal – not to make their stories public.

Bloke fucks quite obviously adult and willing women. Bloke oppresses the intern? One is possibly the greater infidelity, the other would appear to be much more of a breach of modern mores – it’s all about power structures etc.

11 thoughts on “Which is worse?”

  1. Trump’s involvement, if there was involvement here, would seem to be entirely righteous.
    The Stormy Daniels & Karen McDougal stories were commodities. Trump never denied he’d enjoyed the pleasure, but the nitty-gritty of his personal life was up for sale to the highest bidder. So he bought it because it was of higher value to him than it was to the media organisations wanted to use it to sell product. Sour grapes they couldn’t come up with the readies.

  2. Trump needs to start hitting back.

    For every piece of media shite that appears about him another investigation of the Democrats begins. Killery for jail of course but there is SO much more.

    How did Nancy Pelosi for example come to be worth 100 million dollars? Saved it from her (far too large) polipig salary? I think not.

    A very interesting parallel with the shite-cheese rotten LBJ who acquired $20 million dollars ( $100 million today) without ever having more than a schoolteachers or later a polipigs salary.

    The list of antics to look into is endless.

  3. Why are these ladies not being charged with blackmail?
    More soberly, the whole business is being ginned up on the assumption that Republicans are naive prudes. I wonder how long before the pointlessness is realised.

  4. As with William J. Clinton, the sex isn’t the, er, issue. Clinton lied under oath about the sex, and Trump is alleged to have lied about participation in payments surrounding the alleged sex (possibly violating campaign finance laws).

    Both are examples of political lawfare. Going after Clinton (on this) didn’t work out so well for Republicans.

  5. Who’s oppressing the intern?

    Lewinsky was at the peak of her sexuality. Clinton was a middle aged man who had no freedom and lived in a goldfish bowl. There are different types of power.

  6. Bloke in Germany in Poland

    So Clinton got the “not sexual relations with that woman”, and managed to keep both his cash and rspct. That makes him the smoother operator, however he manages it.

  7. PJF the campaign finance violation accusation is bollocks. Trump used his own money and it would have been a crime to use campaign funds.

    There are a few videos on YouTube where Alan Dershowitz explains this..

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