Who could imagine this from a bloke called Lenin?

Ecuador’s former president Rafael Correa, who is wanted in his homeland on suspicion of kidnapping, has requested political asylum in Belgium, two well-placed sources told AFP.

Correa has lived near Brussels with his family since 2017, and requested asylum on 25 June this year. The request has been under consideration since August by Belgium’s CGRA refugee agency, one source said.

A leftwing former economist, Correa was president of his Andean nation between 2007 and 2017. On Wednesday, an Ecuadoran judge demanded he return home to face charges related to the 2012 kidnapping of an opponent.

Correa insists he is innocent, and on Thursday in an interview with AFP he accused the new authorities in his homeland of “political persecution”, and his successor Lenín Moreno of a plot against him.

Do recall that absolutely every right on leftie was demanding that Moreno should win.His opponent being someone who would plunge Ecuador into a violation of civil liberties.

2 thoughts on “Who could imagine this from a bloke called Lenin?”

  1. The EU should arrange for his demise themselves to avoid embarrassment for their leftoid Global Elite buddies. They already have a nice line in murdering journos who look into EU/Mafia(s) connections in Southern Europe. Including woman, the last one being raped before they murdered her. Maybe on orders for extra “encourage the others” power or maybe their scum decided since they were killing her anyway why let the chance go to waste?

    Yeah the EU can easily arrange something nasty and save any more red Red faces.

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