Why would this help?

Britain must appoint a minister for cyber security because it is lagging behind Russia and not doing enough to protect critical national infrastructure, MPs have warned.

The Joint Committee on National Security Strategy found ministers are failing to act with “a meaningful sense of purpose or urgency” in the face of the growing cyber threat to the UK.

It said while states such as Russia were expanding their capability to mount disruptive cyber attacks, the level of ministerial oversight was “wholly inadequate”.

Why would a Minister in charge aid us? Don’t we do that when we want something to fail? And given the British state’s proven competence at things online (NHS for Change anyone?)…..

11 thoughts on “Why would this help?”

  1. “Why would a Minister in charge aid us?”

    Because a minister who knows nothing about an industry can run an industry better than experts in the field. Or so the Socialist mantra goes.

  2. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    arrange Sir Bufton Tufton an office at Tele House, preferably next to the server rooms and a PC with Wireshark on it. Call the Evening Standard ( ‘cos its owned by a Russki ) to come round and take pics, Cyber-Russians all run away terrified at UK “getting tough”.
    Trebles all round !

  3. Not long to go before all MPs have a ministerial role of some sort, keeps them onside and the bank balance topped up, kerching !

  4. I’d have thought our cyber security would be 24/7 …. I guess they might be working from home – but I was sat in a traffic jam outside GCHQ on Saturday afternoon – there wasn’t a single vehicle in the car park – not one….

  5. TomO – clearly the result of a counter-intelligence operation, designed to lull the opposition in a false sense of security.

  6. TomO – if it’s the ones you can see from the A40, they are the vistors’ and overflow ones. Staff ones are at the sides and round the back.

  7. Easy. A Minister in charge of Cyber-Security would have it in his best interests to petition the Treasury for lots more cash for his Civil Servants to spend on new toys—and it would also be in said Miniser’s interest to scream to the media if he didn’t get it.


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