Wonder what the definition of Far Right is here

I have absolutely no doubt at all that there are Far Right peeps and groups in Poland. Our own comments section contains the odd one or two at times.

But, well, you know:

Poland’s eurosceptic leaders marked a century of national independence on Sunday as around 200,000 people marched through the capital in a parade involving far-right groups and neo-fascist activists from Italy.

The march is a focus of debate about whether the ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS) tacitly encourages groups with roots in the fascist and anti-Semitic movements. The party won power in 2015 and Poland has since become increasingly isolated in Europe amid accusations of a tilt towards authoritarian rule.

What’s the definition of Far Right in use here?

Since its election in 2015, the party has seen Poland increasingly isolated in Europe amid accusations of a tilt towards authoritarian rule. It promises more Catholic values and patriotism in public life and more state say in the economy.

Catholicism, euroscepticism? These are Far Right now?

State economic control, anti-semitism, these are markets of left wing parties. At least in the UK they are.

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  1. If it’s the NOP and Forza Nuova you don’t want them. If it’s Lega Nord/M5S and Liberty it’s not too bad,. The PiS are of course allied with the Tories here.

    Liberty are gernerally libertarians though, so them we like.

  2. People who have experienced socialism and undemocratic rule don’t like it.

    Quelle surprise, mate.

    And, I note, yet another right wing article in a far right newspaper. Or not.

  3. Skimming through the article it seems that nothing of interest happened here, but they’d like to remind readers that there were a few nasty slogans at last year’s rally and that Poland’s conservative leadership is basically a bunch of fascists.

    And no comment allowed obviously.

    Might as well get the Grauniad. At least you get left wing bollocks for free.

  4. Might be members of Kukiz’15 and the National Movement. You don’t want them. From, what it seems like, it’s the National Movement you don’t want. Kukiz’15 look like anti-establishment rightists without a lot of coherence. I’d vote Wolnosc were I Polish but again, they’re just under the threshold to get in the Sejm.

  5. “Government officials walked at a distance from the main marchers away from any overt displays of nationalism and they were kept separate by security forces.”

    Christ, they really do not get it, do they? Absolutely no historical knowledge. November 11 in Poland is FA to do with the Armistice Day respected by the UK & other WW1 combatants. Apart from indirectly. It celebrates Poland’s (short lived) independence from foreign domination. It is a day for overt nationalism. It’s meant to be. Overt nationalism is what’s being celebrated.

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  7. more state say in the economy.

    “Far-right”, lol. I doubt there is a single newspaper in England which isn’t desperate to have more “State say” in the economy.

    As for “Catholicism and patriotism”, can’t have that. Diversity and globalism you will have, you fascist bastards!

  8. Opposition to the EU is enough to label you as “far right” these days. In fact, almost anything is enough. As always the Left has abused it to the point it has no meaning.

  9. Kukiz’15 and the National Movement

    Based on my in-depth wikipedia research, I think it is a stretch to call either of these organisations ‘far right’. Nothing they ask for is unreasonable.

    Some of the organisations that came together to form the National Movement could be described as far right though. But then the ‘centrist’ New Labour party was full of former Commies…

  10. “Right” – someone who believes you shouldn’t give dildos to schoolkids

    “Far Right” – someone who intends for his children not to become a despised minority in their own country

    “anti-Semitic” – someone who has been criticised by Jews and had the absolute gall to criticise them back

    “Fascist” – someone who believes law enforcement should be directed towards hatey, illegitimate ends such as defending the borders and jailing burglars and muggers, rather than enlightened, progressive ends such as jailing people for making politically incorrect comments on the internet

    “Neo-Fascist” – same as the above, but in THE MATRIX

    “Authoritarian” – someone who believes laws should be made by democratically elected legislatures instead of unelected judges and/or Eurocrats

    Hope that helps.

  11. “Authoritarian” – someone who believes laws should be made by democratically elected legislatures instead of unelected judges and/or Eurocrats

    Yes, always treat with scepticism anyone who claims their opponents are ‘authoritarian’ yet sees nothing wrong with prosecuting and destroying a cake making business because they declined to make a cake for a gay wedding.

  12. Wanting Poland to remain recognisably Polish or Hungary to remain Hungarian etc is a far-right position.

    Obviously the only correct view is that all western nations should be turned into multi-ethnic, multicultural entities. Because there are no negative consequences for the majority population in turning them into a hated minority.

    Anyone who objects is literally Hitler.

  13. I always doubt the figures once they get to hundreds of thousands. Yesterday’s (11th November) Remembrance Sunday marches were limited to 10,000 official and about the same ‘non-combatant’ associations, plus spectators and security. The marchers all went rather quicker than demonstrators milling, but the streets were packed and the processions went on for hours.

  14. Excavator Man

    Actually Remembrance Sunday at the Cenotaph would be a good metric for judging the size of all marches: the numbers are restricted to a total of 16,500. So we know how much space they take up, are we really saying that that Remain march the other day was ~50x as big?

  15. Hi Recusant,

    Thanks for knowing the total, and giving me moral support. There’s no way on earth that the Remain march was 50x as big as Remembrance Sunday.It clearly wasn’t. But then they never are as big as claimed, for any cause.

  16. At what number do you have to give up your rights?

    The Left fakes popular support. Like I’m going to give up my rights if enough Lefties think I should.

  17. But then they never are as big as claimed, for any cause.

    Which is why the Countryside Alliance “Liberty and Livelihood” march had half a dozen tellers as the march filed past the Cenotaph, with the running total on a big display board: none of the left-wing establishment media could then describe it as “10,000 demonstrators”.

    (It was around 420,000 when I went past.)

  18. The BBC had a photo of the Leicester City fans walking to mourn Mr Vichai.
    They did not bother to issue a claim about numbers because they did not need to do so.

  19. @ john 77
    Which reminds me that, when I was a child I used, every year (until I went away to boarding school), to carry chairs from the Mission Hall to the church for the Remembrance Sunday service filling up the spaces where there were no pews and the rest on the grass outside the west door for those who couldn’t get into the church.
    Everything stopped – even for/by those of us born after the end of WWII and many who didn’t even attend Church at Christmas (we had extra chairs under the tower then but not on the grass outside) honoured the dead.
    Who says that Poles should not?

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