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  1. It’s called negotiating from a position of strength!

    How much is the bus fare back across Mexico? Trump might run to that if he’s feeling unusually relaxed…

  2. Someone’s just making stuff up. People like this might just be able to imagine a couple thousand bucks. Five thousand would be wealth beyond their dreams. Fifty thousand, fifty million, fifty billion. They’d all be the same number.
    These are the poor. In a sense, it’s why they are poor. An inability to accumulate wealth. Money goes into their hands. It leaves their hands. It doesn’t linger. If they have it they spend it. In economic terms, their discount rates are exceedingly steep. Essentially vertical

  3. [Scene: the tops of the cliffs of Dover, 1940]

    Herr Unterstampfuher Heifreit von Himmelstumpf: “you, Englander, give me £50,000 schillings or I shall infade!”

    Captain Mainwaring: “by all manner of means do, old chap. Allow me to introduce my friend Mr L. Enfield and his cousin Mr B. Ayonet to welcome you.”


  4. @BiS

    I dunno.

    See Somali pirates. £50m for a ship.

    I agree that they probably had little concept of what £50m was. But in a way that reinforces what you say. £50k , £50m it’s the same. “Lots of money”. More than they can imagine.

  5. But the pirates have something worth more than £50M, albeit ill-gotten.

    And ruthless operators sometimes even get their money back after paying the ransom. Minus the cost of the mercenaries, of course.

  6. @AndrewC.
    But Somali pirates aren’t the Somalis being ferried out of Libya on leaky tubs to turn up in Italy. Just because it’s a poor country doesn’t mean all its inhabitants lack the entrepreneurial spirit. Central America also produces wily latinos make billions exporting charlie to Los Estados Unidos. Those Somali pirates needed financing to provide the boats, weapons & tech support. No doubt were geared up to launder any $50m’s came their way.
    There’s inevitably some cunning dago trying to work out how to monetise several thousand Central American poor. Sell their futures at 50 grand a head, maybe. But it ain’t the ones in the tattered sombreros & last decade’s sports shirts.

  7. Edward Lud – ACKSHUALLY, bigot, Herr von Himmelstumpf was simply seeking to enrich our diversity and pay our pensions by doing the jobs British people won’t do (death camp guard).

    Irregardless of the repeated exhortations to violence and domination or extermination of non-believers in their book, Naziism is an ideology of peace. And if you don’t believe me, just ask their community leaders.

  8. I think Steve’s just coined Naziphobia. The next big thing in hate crimes. After all lebensraum is just the german for “safe space”, isn’t it?

  9. Returning to Central America, I imagine what’s happening is someone’s worked out what these migrants are going to cost Uncle Sam. And anyway you cut it, it’s going to be well north of $50k a head. Added cost of policing the border to prevent their entry? In millions? Financial aid to Mexico to sort out the humanitarian problem if they’re prevented crossing? Even bigger millions? Aid to Honduras to encourage them to go home? What it’d cost in financial support if they were admitted to the US?
    Whichever way you look at it, $50,000 each to just go away would probably be a bargain deal. Except they’d all be back next week for another slice. Bringing their cousins.

  10. So they aren’t “paying our pensions” but in fact demanding money with menaces? Give us $50,000 or we’ll shit on your lawn?

    Bring me your huddled masses yearning to extort money from our taxpayers!

  11. Rob:

    So they aren’t “paying our pensions” but in fact demanding money with menaces? Give us $50,000 or we’ll shit on your lawn?

    It works for the muslims…

  12. BiS – Shit! The Fish Faced Cow survived! Is there no hope?

    General Election, innit?

    The EU have already laughed off her renegotiation pleas, and I can’t see the DUP propping up the government now. The majority of the parliamentary Conservative Party have said “let them eat shit” to their own members and voters, so they have no great future in politics.

    100-odd votes against confirms the Surrender Agreement has no chance. That leaves No Deal or No Brexit, guess which option Parliament will go for? Though it may not be within their power, depends on timing and how awkward the EU fancy being. If we’re very lucky, our Eurochums will be feeling particularly froggy and muck up Continuity Remain.

    Somebody here probably knows the protocol better than I do, but it’ll look something like:

    Final collapse of the confidence and supply agreement -> Parliamentary vote of no confidence -> General Election -> The most radical socialist government since… 1945 mibbe? Not sure where Jez fits on the Michael Foot scale.

  13. The glimmer is that if the FFC can’t get her cockrot through –and tonight’s vote is very likely about the same as Tuesdays vote would have been–then the DUP might keep Jizz out on a case by case basis until her time runs out.

    If she tries any of the other crap–cancel Brexit, the People’s Wank etc then the DUP can dump her then as well.

    Strangely I don’t think she will. She is an autistic-ish mental case who seems bound and determined that we are to be sold out HER way . This limits the scope of the other traitors. If the 180 cunts who supported her ( leaving aside the 20 absolute remainic turds like Soubry, Grieve etc out) can’t force her shite through all they can do is turn on her and demand she join them in halting Brexit or People’s Wanking. She is mental enough to refuse. She is a brazen liar but if you study her patterns she is fixed on a certain course and the stupid cunt will not deviate or let it go. She always intended the Chequers sell out–it was not a change of direction.

    So now that the EU have already told her to fuck off it is not clear what she can do. No bullshit re-wording of her turd is going to work. And the amount of shit landing on the Tory MPs will massively increase. It is hard to see how stupid you would have to be to endorse the worst and most useless POS PM ever. Of course more than a third didn’t.

    Meanwhile two Yellow Jacket rallies are already announced in London and Birmingham.

  14. Given that a big issue is that all the nasty bits are legally binding and all the don’t worry we don’t really mean it bits are just platitudes and not binding I fail to see what her adding more non-binding reassurances is meant to do to change MPs minds about voting for the agreement. Truly she must be deranged to think it will work, at some point stubbornness is just stupidity.
    The fact she had to promise to stand down before the next election and still had over 100 votes against seems pretty damning and that’s a card she can’t play again now

  15. Bnic–The next election might be on her quicker than she thinks. So is she going to piss off and leave them to thrash about or is she lying again and intending to fight an election with her turd as the main policy and all the other good stuff like reviving the old age tax ?

    Might as well save the money and drop No 10’s keys off at Corbyn’s shithole. Can it truly be that 180 odd Tory MPs are so full of shite they don’t know that?

  16. So lets get this straight. She wont fight the next election, but she’ll hand her successor a poison chalice liberally filled with shit, by trying to force her bollocks through?

  17. the DUP might keep Jizz out on a case by case basis until her time runs out.

    For a bunch of Ulster Unionists typically depicted as intransigent backwoodsmen, they’ve been incredibly gentle and patient with May. (As have the faithful Tories the Grey Man insulted as “extremists”).

    Obvs, they’re trying to make the C&S arrangement work (no telling if the DUP will ever have such leverage in UK politics again), but it’s coming to a point where either they surrender or she does.

    And I don’t think Irish Protestants like to surrender.

    Their only leverage is the credible threat to bring down the government. So I expect them to pull that lever by March at the latest, because May isn’t going to abandon her mad plan and she’s recently taken to threatening us that it’s her deal or “no Brexit” – can’t see the government not having to call an election in the latter scenario.

    The Tories seem to think the DUP will be bought off on the cheap via a bit of regional pork headed their way and fear of a Corbyn planet. I reckon they’re projecting their own cowardice and lack of principle onto the NornIroners, and will be in for a fright.

    Not that Arlene Foster, God bless ‘er, is some sort of incorruptible saintly figure, just that if anyone in Parliament is likely to roll up their sleeves and say “bring it”, it’s the DUP. These are people who still celebrate up-to-your-knees-in-blood seiges and armed defiance against terrible odds every year, it’s not the same culture as the one soft Tory MP’s come from.

    Meanwhile two Yellow Jacket rallies are already announced in London and Birmingham.

    Big if true, Ecksy.

    God bless those onion-fondling snail-eaters over in Frogtown, they might have questionable hygiene but we they put us to shame with l’audace.

    Actually, it’s weird how Europhiles don’t seem to like actual Europeans very much (they’re drab, small-souled, cosmopolitan globalists who look at authentic diversity the way tired men do flies) whereas a lot of swivel-eyed, racist Little Englanders enjoy other cultures, appreciate Europe’s shared Christian heritage, and were genuinely angry at how the EU treated Ireland, Greece, Italy, etc.

    There’s something inhuman about the globalists. Maybe David Icke was right all along about the shapeshifting alien lizard conspiracy. Has Theresa May ever categorically denied that she eats live guinea pigs?

  18. “Has Theresa May ever categorically denied that she eats live guinea pigs?”

    Oi! That Diana lizard was well fit!

    “After all lebensraum is just the german for “safe space”, isn’t it?”

    Fucking hell, that was disturbingly funny.

  19. Largely agree with you Steve except that I can’t see the DUP being keen to bring Jizz on just for the laughs.

    So long as she can’t get it through they will keep Jizz at bay. She can’t. If she moves to join the other Tory MP trash in cancelation or Peoples Wanking then sure no reason not to bring her down.

    But she has lied to salve her mental state. She has said the same cockrot about her shite= Brexit so many times that I don’t think she CAN just do a swing to no Brexit or People’s Wank. She keeps the knowledge that she is a liar and a traitor out of her consciousness by repeating her bollocks and just dropping that for a brazen acknowledgement of her own scummery would be very difficult for her. Very few of the world’s major evildoers actually WOULD be able to just come out and admit they are an evil cunt. No more can she.

  20. Andrew M

    “Once you have paid him the Honduran-geld, you’ll never get rid of the Honduran.”

    Once you’ve paid the EU £ 39 Billion, you’ll never rid of the EUnik.

  21. I find the derisory laughter from the EU that met May’s request for a little meaningless rewording quite disturbing. They obviously think Britain has only two options, accept the surrender agreement or withdraw article 50. That’s either a stupendous bluff or they know something we don’t.

  22. ” That’s either a stupendous bluff or they know something we don’t.”
    From where I’m sitting in the dress circle, the whole business is starting to look like a poorly scripted pantomime. Enter Ken Clarke as Widow Twanky, stage left. It’s going where the Tory Remainer Scum always wanted it to go. Remain in the EU/Remain in the EU. The surrender deal just puts the UK slightly in advance of the rest of the EU nations on where they will soon be ending up. Total subservience to Brussels.

  23. “Total subservience to Brussels.”

    That’s not really viable BiS. The EU may have its wanking fantasies but the French, EE the Italians etc aren’t having it. Even Jizza knows that pissing off millions of his own potential voters is a very bad idea. His desperation for a GE caused him to listen to Starmer who likely told him that “thick as mince” Northerners could be conned by a BRINO and that would get Jizz the remainiac vote as well. Except the Northerners aren’t that thick and the remainiacs are well-off middle class traitors who know Jizz’s dirty fingernails will be stuck in their hide from day one. And that in the quest for voters he will import enough beards to have same going after their little girls also.

    Every time they humiliate May that is a huge number of Leave supporters gained and those already there made stronger.

  24. There’s something inhuman about the globalists.

    In my experience the more fervent the worship of the general and abstract, the more intense the hatred of the specific. So humanists tend to not like actual individual humans very much, Globalists detest their own neighbours and compatriots, etc.

    I think the theory tends to be self-justification for their own misanthropy, because what Progressive would want to be seen, or consider themselves, a miserable maladjusted weirdo?

  25. In my experience the more fervent the worship of the general and abstract, the more intense the hatred of the specific. So humanists tend to not like actual individual humans very much, Globalists detest their own neighbours and compatriots, etc.

    Also look at the Animal rights nutters.. In almost all cases they’re maladjusted arseholes that cant and dont want to get on with humans.

  26. ‘Some migrants from the Caravan are demanding that the US government let them in or pay them each $50,000 to go home.’

    NFW. 50 grand is lawyer talk, not poor Latin American peasant talk.

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