Aha! There’s Scrooge

What do I want for Christmas? A Green New Deal would do nicely, thank you.

He desires to make us all poorer as he plays Fat Controller.

That qualifies him as Scrooge doesn’t it?

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  1. I’d be along with Julia. Spud’s much more the Ghost of Christmas Present. Demanding a shiny new train set whilst gift-wrapping a pair of socks from the 99p Shop.

  2. @ JuliaM. not exactly. Scrooge was never happy, but felt less miserable when he was taking Other People’s Money.

  3. A Joyous and Peaceful Christmas and a Prosperous New Leave on WTO Terms to Tim and all his fellow conspirators on this blog.

  4. With Julia and BIS here, Christmas Present wants to be happy as long as someone else funds it. Cratchit is living beyond his means and wants to be bailed out. Sounds like a modern banker to me

  5. There was a BBC report saying that a police comment that they were not there was a ‘miscommunication’ and that they had found a damaged drone

  6. Basic premise of economist article is that city people are more committed to the European ideal as are people that have moved about, and repeatedly mentionns they are more educated and country people are thick and racist and need to stop complaining, listen to their city dwelling betters and become good ‘Europeans’
    Even goes so far to say that even in low level jobs like a Spanish barman working in Germany the person who has moved is more educated than those at home etc.
    Use the we have made Europe now let’s make Europeans quote

  7. Use the we have made Europe now let’s make Europeans quote

    Oh, you’ve made Europeans alright.

    No problem on that score.

    Believe me.

  8. The article BniC refers to is truly patronising and part of the continued dismissal of us hicks by the educated metropolitan elite:

    This European class has a political wing. Cities and other places where the educated and mobile gather are diverging from their hinterlands. Pro-European Green parties are surging there, most notably in Germany. Mayors such as Rafal Trzaskowski in Warsaw, Femke Halsema in Amsterdam and Sadiq Khan in London are among their country’s most outspoken opponents of Eurosceptic populism. Emmanuel Macron came top in the first round of France’s presidential election last year thanks to similar sorts of voters, and hails “the Europe of Erasmus”. In March expatriate Italian voters bucked their country’s nationalist trend and voted primarily for the Europhile Democratic Party. Sporadically, such voters take to the streets in anti-Brexit, anti-xenophobia or Europhile “Pulse of Europe” marches, protesting, in effect, against the politics of their provincial cousins and former classmates. “The problem with the educated is that they’re a tribe that don’t think they’re a tribe,” jokes David Runciman, a political scientist at Cambridge University.

    The Christmas getaway is a rare moment when this European Europe intersects en masse with the other, national Europe—and everything in between. “I love my father very much, but he has a totally different mindset,” says Mr Beneke. “He doesn’t like the eu because he says Germany pays too much and shouldn’t have the euro. And he’s not alone in that opinion in the village.”

    Add that to the sneering Der Speigel journalist who made up shit to make a small town in appear like thick Trump supporters and the way Remainers dismiss Leavers as old thick racists bigots from the backwaters of small towns and rural areas. Its been a constant drip drip for years.

    And they wonder why there’s a rise in populism.

  9. the writer of that article makes a heroic effort to ignore the fact that his Great Leaders have turned out to be useless windbags.

  10. Simon Fawthrop

    What is entertaining is the prospect that these denizens of the ‘European political wing’ will be the first to be starring in the recruitment videos published by whatever arises from the Ashes of Islamic State in Syria, assuming the ‘backward natives’ don’t begin assembly of the always useful multiperson gallows which Tim owns the patent for….. What a depressing article – but I don’t have high expectations of the Economist on Europe….

  11. A bit late to the core of the article with Christmas and all that (Belated Christmas good wishes to all the excellent people on here throughout the year BTW) – My guess is with the Fair Tax Mark something like 90% below target and impending redundancy from his role at City University he is angling for something from somewhere and the Green New Deal, although widely discredited by serious economists was prominent around 5 or 6 years ago – which in political terms is an eternity.

    It may also be a way for the Corbinites of trying to attract Brexit voters in ‘Leave’ parts of the country when they flip to a ‘Remain’ stance. Not that The Great tuber has the vision to think in those terms, but my guess is Long- Bailey, effectively a paid agent of the regime in Pyongyang but seemingly possessed of a greater degree of tactical acumen, is thinking in those terms….

  12. A Green New Deal would do nicely, thank you.

    And if some of the tax-free grant fruits of that tree just happened to fall into the lap of a certain East Anglian blogger then so much the better.

  13. Emmanuel Macron came top in the first round of France’s presidential election last year thanks to similar sorts of voters

    Macron did top the first round – with a less than resounding 26%, just a couple of points above Marine Le Pen. And one in three French voters in the second round thought Le Pen would have made a better President. Is this the level of political analysis in The Economist (a magazine I used to admire), these days?

  14. Macron topped the first round due to the Socialists accusing the natural front-runner of crimes which have not yet, more than a year later, come to court. Why has the government not pursued the eminent alleged criminal? Could it be that the whole affair was created by the left to nobble the clear front-runner in the Presidential election?

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