Am I being fair here?

A “generation of innovators” has been appointed to run the military in a shake-up of the top ranks of the Army, Navy and RAF.

The Ministry of Defence has announced new heads for the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force and two major promotions in key roles across the Armed Forces.

Senior military sources said the incoming defence chiefs were “innovators” who could ensure Britain’s armed forces would be fit to embrace new technology and a “reformist agenda”.

Innovator” here meaning woke and into the SJW mindset?

15 thoughts on “Am I being fair here?”

  1. The “reformist agenda” will be a far-Left carnival that will even have Corbyn muttering “hang on…”. Not sure what the new technology will be – 24 hour surveillance of staff to ensure compliance?

    Who knows?

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    On the basis that the generals fight the last war, perhaps the new technology will be stuff that’s appropriate for Iraq and Afghanistan?

    The books I’ve been reading about those wars lament the equipment they were given -eg NI snatch land rovers.

  3. Yeah well. Appointing Rommel, Gudarian, Admiral Canaris & Goring to the War Council in 1940. Thrown in Tojo for good measure. Could have been a smart move for Churchill. If Churchill had worn leopard skin pattern kitten heel shoes.

  4. I think it means compliant and uncomplaining, willing to put up with inadequate resources and money, happy to disband ancient regiments, operate aircraft carriers with no planes, and field the smallest army since Wellington, all without pointing out that it’s the Tories ruining the armed forces (yes, i know, Corbyn would be much worse).

  5. May is obviously gearing up to fight the New European Army with a series of No Platforming manoeuvres.

    Could work too…

  6. If BluLabour are involved in it then it will be CM shite. Because they are.

    Ditto: Napsjam’s last line above.

  7. Not sure, is the best I’d offer – not automatically bad news (it’s going to be spun as innovative, new brooms, et cetera regardless) nor is it necessarily more than a typical turnover of top jobs.

    There are hard (and relevant, and necessary) questions being asked, and answers being listened to, in at least one Service HQ… but whether the outcomes of that get acted on, is a Whitehall issue. We saw some movement in the right direction from Williamson earlier in the year; time will tell if it was a spasm or the start of some sustained movement.

    I will admit to having met and worked with the new 1SL a good few years ago, when he was at Staff College doing HCSC, and he made a good impression on me then: not a soggy SJW type, but a good thinker. If the aim really is to shake up the thinking & avoid ‘winning the last war’ mentality, he’s suited for the job.

  8. Putin and ISIS won’t know what’s hit em when our new feminised armed forces accuse them of sexual harassment.

  9. The biggest barrier to innovative thinking is the civil service, in particular the treasury

    If innovative means cheap they might listen

    Politicians aren’t in charge, the mandarins are

  10. 1SL seems to have skipped my Dartmouth intake entirely. Probably for the best.

    “Ermintrude” did graduate from eating the daffodils (after the March ball) to commanding a droggie boat, though.

  11. Australians, take note. As China expands their naval presence, your guarantor, the UK, is going to an all nice military.

    The Indians – with their long memory – are also noting what’s going on.

    Rearm your citizens, get a real military.

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