And so say all of us

‘We would rather die at sea than go back to France,’ say migrants in Calais

All inhabitants of these sceptered isles are, far enough back in he genealogy, refugees from France of course. It’d just that the way these things work we get to decide who is allowed to join us…..

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  1. And now the Guardian, the CofE and any number of bleeding hearts will spend the next few days urging “compassion”. To do so they will need to describe France in terms that would infuriate residents of Alleppo were they to hear their Town described that way. At the same time they will be arguing we should remain part of the EU.

  2. Am I alone in wondering about the extent to which our Gallic cousins are facilitating the acquisition of boats by these invaders?

  3. ‘We would rather die at sea than go back to France,’ say migrants in Calais

    When was Calais returned to us?

  4. A couple of televised hearings allowing these people to describe France and the eu as worse than drowning should help all matters Brexit

  5. JuliaM – Same here on Zuckerbook. Only all I said was “we should send them all back” (I’m a squishy moderate)

    Anyway, can you imagine what a competent centre-right leader (i.e. not Treeza) would make of the rape flotilla? Free campaign adverts.

  6. Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Picts, Scoti (Irish), Danes (aka Vikings) were not French. The Normans (Norseman) were Vikings.

    Bretagne (Brittany) is named after Britons from the South West Peninsula of Grande Bretagne, so they are not French either.

    Of course there were the Hugenots and other Frenchies escaping the Terror who came to England.

  7. “I got a 7 day Twitter ban for suggesting we sink the boats!”

    You got banned for suggesting granting their wish to die at sea?

    Though a “Twitter ban” doesn’t seem onerous.

  8. I got a 7 day Twitter ban for suggesting we sink the boats!

    I made a similar suggestion at the Times. Didn’t stay up long.

  9. The BBC news was amusing last night, describing the migrants as fleeing wars and oppression and doing their best to raise sympathy.

    The long range wind forecasts are quite benign although it is going northerly, so that should slow them down and maybe blow them back in to French waters as the outboard in the picture doesn’t look very big.

    Crossing the channel shipping lanes is quite scary when you know what you’re doing and have something bigger than a small dinghy. We’ll never know how many have been run down because those big ships will never see them, no matter how many look-outs they use.

    This website shows how busy it is. If you mouse-over or click on individual ships you can see their speed and other details. Even if they spot one of those dinghy’s a ship doing 13kts is unlikely to be able to turn away fast enough and even if they do a violent change of course could endanger other traffic.

  10. Ted: Yup. I’m probably more of a Viking than I am a Norman (though the Normans were originally Vikings – as the name demonstrates).

  11. Easily arranged, order RNLI, Coast Guard etc to ignore their calls for “rescue” instead of the demented ferry-service they’re providing now.

    The smugglers are blackmailers, paying them encourages more demands.

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  13. For someone escaping danger to life to life and limb, surely France isn’t that bad? I’ve visited Paris on many occasions in the last few years. English is now widely spoken, the Premiership televised, there are ample McDonalds, mobile phone shops and Western Union offices. What is the problem with France? Is it their benefits system? lack of social housing? problems with health care? I’m baffled.

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