Aren’t we about reaching the time when we just throw this society away?

Dump it in the ocean, burn it, bury it, summat? For it’s clearly well past its sell by date:

We’ve a useful sign here that we’re in the grips of a religious mania – the government is to ban the kiddies using clingfilm to wrap their packed lunches. This following on from another arm of government’s announcement yesterday that they’re to make the Big Mac illegal. That this is mania of the religious kind is easy enough to show. If we begin with a standing start, that government should insist upon a law to make children’s sandwiches stale, one to make them fall apart, then we’d all insist that the ergot has got into the bread again. Perhaps that some other madness inducing chemical was infesting the water supply in the committee rooms. And yet we’ve got here by stages, as religions do. The same way the Catholic Church ends up saying that condom use is indeed permissible but only between a married couple, only if one or other has HIV and even then there must be a hole in it.

That is, it’s entirely logical assuming that we accept the initial claims but we end up somewhere ridiculous – thus it’s the initial claims which require the analysis.

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  1. Richard Dawkin’s used marvel over the time and effort required by him and others like him just to avoid creationism being taught in schools. It wasn’t science he was doing, merely anti anti science. Of course he judged it worth it, because he knew the benefits of science, but he was acutely aware the opportunity cost.

  2. Who in the West tosses their plastic waste in the ocean? Ours goes in the bin to be carted off to landfill, of which there is no shortage.

  3. PHE must be closed down and the budget re-deployed. Sacking on standard Eck’s terms all round.

    Remember that poison spores only grow in nutrient soil. And decades of the malign influence of the ESpew is in this kind of arrogance.

  4. It really is hard to think of anything more trivial than a clingfilm sandwich wrap. You could stuff the entire thing into a small size thimble & still leave room for several more..
    Anyway. Did my bit for the environment, yesterday. Getting some stuff ready for transport. Wrapping it up in pallet wrap. Which is a sort of industrial grade clingfilm comes on rolls a couple of feet wide. Must have used half a kilometer of it. Enough to wrap sandwiches for the kids of the entirety of SE England.

  5. “So good, to take back control!!!”
    Sneer if you like, BiG. But these people are still in the ascendency. Dislodging them will be a long campaign waged over many battles. So far, only the opening shots have been fired & the shells are still in flight. Just because the tanks aren’t rolling into Berlin doesn’t mean you haven’t bombed Brussels.

  6. “Ours goes in the bin to be carted off to landfill, of which there is no shortage.”

    Many in the West, because of same environmentalists’ laws, pack it up and send it to Asia. Where THEY toss it in rivers.

    And Western Lefties feel so much better about themselves.

  7. BiG

    I agree it’s not a resounding argument for Brexit…..

    I do think that the ‘Care in the Community’ policy has now been revealed as a total failure and the authors of these proposals should certainly be placed in an asylum where they can do no harm to themselves and others. I was asking specialists on North Korea whether they would go to this level of micromanagement and the answer was ‘No’ – truly no mean feat for PHE – to be more oppressive than the regime in Pyongyang…. Ecksian purges, or a variant thereof are again looking like the best option

  8. I am confident clingfilm is the SAFEST way to pack kid’s lunches.

    “It’s for the children” is a part time justification. The kiddies can be sacrificed if plastic is involved.

    It would be interesting to see a hierarchal chart of Lefty causes, to see who ranks over whom.

    Couldn’t you argue that some of the kids protected by clingfilm are black, and banning it is racist?

  9. This sort of stuff used to bother me, and now it doesn’t. Firstly, this sort of crap is very popular among the metropolitan middle classes, particularly women. I don’t know how many went giddy with joy promoting the carrier bag ban on Facebook, but it was a lot. And of course, banning Big Macs is an excuse for middle class mothers to self-righteously declare that “my little Noah never eats them”. Unless mum’s away and dad’s in charge, of course.

    Secondly, if someone ran for office based on a realistic promise – not like Cameron’s weak promise – to immediately defund these organisations the metropolitan middle classes (them again) would go into meltdown and Hitler comparisons would pour forth like a waterfall.

    Ultimately, people get the government they deserve: Brits get this sort of crap because, ultimately, a lot of people want this and not enough people have the balls to tell their friends, neighbours, and wives to fuck off and grow up.

  10. True, Mr Newman. People want fascism. Strong, autocratic central control makes sense to them. If someone says Big Macs are bad, government should have the power to ban them.

    Parliamentary debate becomes “Are Big Macs good or bad?” No one stands up and says, “Big Macs are none of the government’s business. Let’s move on to something that is government’s actual job.”

  11. I dunno Tim, isn’t there some troubling evidence to suggest plastics might be poisoning us?

    You mention the madder end of the greenie movement. But isn’t there real, worrying, data on precipitous drops in sperm counts (in developed countries), endocrine disruption among animal life (and possibly human life), that sort of thing?

    It’d be funny if the sharp apparent rise in gender confusion was traced back to chemical pollution.

    Obviously, the government’s efforts are going to be ineffectual, nannying and stupid, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a real problem underneath it all.

    So the Catholic Church’s logic on condoms may or may not be mental, but we do know now that ubiquitous contraception is literally killing our civilisation. Below replacement level birthrates are the very definition of unsustainable.

  12. Parliamentary debate becomes “Are Big Macs good or bad?” No one stands up and says, “Big Macs are none of the government’s business. Let’s move on to something that is government’s actual job.”

    Saying that only makes sense if you have people in government who can actually do government’s actual job with competence and efficiency.

    You have T. May.

    Ergo, nobody is saying that.

    It is also why the British government is getting into the business of regulating Big Macs.

    As it stands, you guys are well and truly fucked.

  13. Dennis – sure.

    But, there’s something going on. No doubt a whole bunch of complicated things.

    Sperm counts falling by – what is it? Half? – in only a few short decades isn’t natural. Boy fish turning into girl fish ain’t normal either (sorry, NiV). Kids being born with genital defects because (?) of BPA’s isn’t something I want to just glibly dismiss because it’s a “left wing” thing.

    Take a look at this:

    Yarp, it’s the Guardian. But even a blind bumblebee will eventually stumble on a stamen. Are we sure plastics are safe for children?

  14. Maintaining the world wide supply of sperm can easily be achieved by simply increasing the number of orgasms. Sperm count falls by half? Simply double the number of orgasms.

    I don’t know about you, but that seems to be the preferred solution for my own true self irrespective. The simplest solution is often the best, you know.

    May even have to raise this concern with my ladywife some time this evening…

  15. As Dennis the Peasant said, we truly are fucked, especially when you consider the mental and physical, state of those making these decisions. The Palace of Westminster, incorporating the House of Frauds and the House of Common (Criminals), has some of the finest restaurants in the country, where the food and alcohol is subsidised by us, the taxpayer.
    I would suggest that decisions on the runnng ( or should that be ‘ruining’?) of the country, are made by overstuffed, obese, gluttons who would fail a breath test if they were in charge of a motor vehicle.
    Perhaps breath tests should be carried out on all politicians before major decisions are made, plus no politician should he allowed to discuss nutrition for the nation unless their BMI reading puts them in the green zone.
    Of course, I realise I am describing a fantasy world, but they started it!

  16. Gamecock: there is no hierarchy. It’s an ever changing permutation, part random, part driven by the cause du jour.

  17. ‘The plans, drawn up by Public Health England (PHE), suggest a limit of 544 calories for any convenience meal – far below many of those sold today.’

    So people will just eat two.

    The Grand Bureaucrats believe in a static world. They make their rules against that static world. People react, they don’t just take it and obey.

    Calories in meals is absolutely none of the national government’s business. Perhaps this is the bellwether issue to beat them back into their castles.

  18. I love those suitcases wrapped in cling film that you see at airports even more now. Double plus bad, air travel and plastic wrap.

  19. Someone needs to have a word with burns victims. Not only is the cling film bad but the fIre increases global warming.

  20. Steve,

    It’s girl fish turn into boy fish. And yes, that is perfectly normal. It’s something rather a lot of fish do, indeed, do.

    Rich societies have fewer children as children become enormous financial deadweights rather than additional marginal production in excess of cost. There’s nothing you can do about that in a species that is genetically programmed to invest everything it can gather into the next generation, and then works out how to be enormously rich for little effort.

    Of course, some societies, by the nature of the mind-viruses they carry, are programmed to remain eternally poor, and thus, highly fecund. Even a thousand years of peaceful, vibrant slave-snatching from the shores of Europe wasn’t a threat to our civilisation, until we recently elected leaders who decided we needed to actively replace the native Europeans population by carriers of one particularly vibrant mind-virus. Still, that thousand years of Barbaryism didn’t result in its proponents establishing a lasting “civilisation” in Europe (or anywhere else), so we can hope the current self-immolation is just a blip, and that normal order will be restored before too long.

  21. I’m sure I read the other day, that the ban on “free” carrier bags has backfired. Apparently customers are buying so many of the thicker “bags for life”, that total plastic use has gone UP, not down!

  22. The fact that all this plastic supposedly ends up in whales’ stomachs is not actually a problem, as we’re advised that the Japanese are about to kill every whale on the planet anyway. Problem solved.

  23. ”Explain to me – again – why my contempt is unwarranted.”

    Because you’re no better. You sit on your arse watching your soon-to-be-ex-country being fucked over by lefties, just in slightly different ways.

  24. “I’m sure I read the other day, that the ban on “free” carrier bags has backfired. Apparently customers are buying so many of the thicker “bags for life”, that total plastic use has gone UP, not down!”

    Whenever the issue about the reduction in plastic carrier bags comes up I ask the BBC’s More or Less team to look in to overall usage, without success. We used to use plastic carrier bags to line our household waste baskets. Now we buy specialist plastic bags for that task.

    I know we aren’t alone as all our friends did the same. Perhaps its a generational think but it would be interesting to find out what substitution effects have taken place.

    If I was truly cynical I’d think they don’t want to look in to it because the answer wouldn’t support the SJW and Green authoritarian narratives.

  25. You sit on your arse watching your soon-to-be-ex-country being fucked over by lefties, just in slightly different ways.

    You keep telling yourself that.

    Lots of us over here fought Our Betters in both the Democratic and Republican parties to get Trump.

    We have Trump.

    You don’t have Brexit.

    You don’t even have yellow vests.

    So, yeah, you just keep telling yourself that.

  26. About time DM did a Veritas style sting on PHE to reveal them in and out of work. I’d love footage of PHE board at their homes on Christmas Day.

    I’d bet none had anything like this

  27. It’s very very hard to argue against that Dennis. Why’d you think I left? The Brits will swallow this. As they will swallow the control on the size of restaurant meals. As they have swallowed every other piece of nannying crap they’ve been served up.
    The political class made a serious error & let them give their opinion on Europe believing they’d quite finished swallowing that. And briefly they have coughed but lack the gumption to spit. In due course it will be sugared & forced down. Tasting like Brexit but not being Brexit at all. And they will do precisely nothing.

  28. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    Penseivat, you describe a situation where politicians are somehow ruined by excessfood and alcohol.

    You are being far too charitable. These people are idiots tobegin with. If they were of any merit, then they would have proper jobs. The current generation of politicians are professionals who move seamlessly from their PPE courses to being special advsors and the being shortlisted ( ie paracuted) into their constituencies.
    Look at the two cabinets. How many of them are actually employable ? Look at Cameron, Blair, Brown, May , all people who would rise seamlessly through a moribund corporation like IBM by intrigue rather than talent.

    These people believe anything, because they do not understand how the world works and how people thnk. Banning something is easy and all that they can comprehend is if it looks good on Mumsnet.

    What do these PHE idiots want to useto replace clngfilm ? Foil !
    Well that certainly rots well in landfill.

  29. @Steve

    iirc the most probable cause (97% of scientists) of fishy > fishx & sperm reduction etc is water contaminated with The Pill from women’s urine.

    btw human HRT “Premarin” is made from PREgnant MAre urINe

  30. @BnLiA
    But the public, who presumably know how the world works, do freely elect these people It is indeed a puzzle

  31. ”Why’d you think I left?”

    Nicer climate? Can’t see any other purpose of leaving a failing country to then go to – Spain?

  32. ”We have Trump.”

    By a sliver “you” got Trump. And now “you” have just chosen to emasculate Trump by handing the House to the lefties. The US is as fucked as the UK. The bigger carcass just takes longer to rot.

  33. @PJF
    Actually, initially, I fled to France. The Costa Fortuna’s just the result of keeping heading south for the sun ’til I ran out of Europe. But it was a matter of, if one must live alongside foreigners, it’s better to live alongside the foreigners one chooses. At least I can speak the languages of this lot. Or even want to speak the languages. Strangely,there’s a remarkable lack of urdu, kurdish, somali etc the places I’ve lived the past few years.

  34. In the mining camps, they give out free plastic bags for miners to carry their lunch in. Since the bag ban, they now print “this bag is reusable” on the bags, but I very much doubt that the number of plastic bags used has dropped by even one.

    We just cop the 15c fee and still use them as bin liners.

  35. On a population basis, Gamecock, you’d get around 10 new states. And you’d also be importing our enrichment. Like gaining a whole new Mexico & a second East Coast. Are you really sure about this? Look, you lot opted for independence. If I were you, I’d stick with the original decision.

  36. A bunch of wogs bitching about Big Macs and plastic wrap is the last thing we need.

    Except for…

    Richard Murphy becoming a citizen.

    That’s the last thing we need.

    For God’s Sake stay the fuck where you are.

  37. “But the public, who presumably know how the world works, do freely elect these people It is indeed a puzzle”

    A rapidly reducing proportion of the public know how the world works, because they do a job that if not done then people die, go hungry, freeze, etc etc etc. Jobs that involve interactions with the forces of nature, harnessing them to good end. All the rest do jobs of very little actual use to everyone else, except provide them with a good living, pushing bits of paper around to no practical end. Its the increasing uselessly employed cohort of society that votes for this stuff, because they are totally insulated from reality. For now, it tends to get every society in the end.

  38. In the last few weeks I’ve read about EU plans to make all members have the same rates of taxation, for the more perfect functioning of the Internal Market don’t you see. And a proposal to make it compulsory for all restaurants to provide potable tap water to their patrons for free. For about the fifth time this year I find myself thinking ‘thank fuck for America’ – a place where devolving powers to the States is taken seriously.

  39. “And a proposal to make it compulsory for all restaurants to provide potable tap water to their patrons for free“

    Hasn’t that been a legal requirement in UK pubs since Adam was a lad?

    As for the PHE, I feel about them rather like Arthur Dent felt regarding Mr Prosser following the demolition of his house…

  40. Yes, and so why the need to extend it to restaurants. And why the need to decide whether to do so should be a competence of the Federasts.

  41. ”You seem desperate to convince yourself, P. It’s not a good look.”

    Seen you use that line before, D. You were probably avoiding the point then.

    Did I say anything inaccurate? Trump by a whisker? Dems take house? Emasculating Trump? Nope. Beaded curtain, wasn’t it, Pelosi’s line about what Trump would accept as a “wall”? Gosh, two years of Republican dominance of the government. Not even a start on funding a design for the wall.

    It’s almost like it makes no difference if the conservatives get elected. The foreign invaders still pour in. Sounds a bit like the UK, really. Don’t worry, you get used to the smell of decay soon enough.

  42. ”I think we have enough useless eaters without adding them to the mix.”

    And how did that come about, Dennis? Irony really not your strong point, is it?

  43. ”Strangely,there’s a remarkable lack of urdu, kurdish, somali etc the places I’ve lived the past few years.”

    There are still parts of the UK remarkably free of such vibrancy, BiS.

    At the moment the invaders are using Spain as a conduit to the low hanging fruit. But your time will come.

  44. How did that come about? Democrats acting like Europeans, that’s how.

    At least our useless eaters are free to eat a Big Mac.

    Or save half for later by wrapping it in plastic.

    And until you find yourself a Trump or a yellow vest, you are a useless eater personified. Now run along, it’s about time for your hourly whine about Brexit and the Tories.

  45. On the bin bag question, I find that I get a free supply pushed through my letter box on a regular basis by various “charidees” wishing to relieve me of the contents of my wardrobe.

  46. “On the bin bag question”

    When the ban was brought in I went to a local packaging supplier and bought 500 basic white bags (the same size & type as the supermarkets were giving out), for about £9 (as I recall). This worked out cheaper than dedicated bin bags, and they have the handles which fit the wall mounted holder I’ve been using for years. Plus I still have them for the traditional uses, and I keep one scrunched up in my jacket pocket, so I don’t get caught out. I’m about half way through that lot, and it might be time to get some more in before they disappear completely.

    “Am I the only person in England who wraps sandwiches in either greaseproof or foil then?”

    No Julia, my neighbour does when she pops round with homemade flapjacks or mince pies…

  47. ”How did that come about? Democrats acting like Europeans, that’s how.”

    Well done, Dennis. Now all you have to do is add up how much longer the Democrats have controlled government over the last hundred years. That’s just the elected government. The permanent bureaucracy is permanent Democrat. The kids are taught by Democrats, the popular culture is leftist, the majority of the electorate increasingly vote leftist.

    Trump is one of a kind. He has 6 months to 6 years. What then?

    Long term you are as fucked on the ratchet to ratshit as we are. That’s why your contempt is unwarranted. You know it. That’s why you bluster.

  48. Can we have the real Steve back please. This fake one has started believing in some of the fashionable causes. Reducing sperm counts. That has been debunked several times, go find a link. But in brief the scare relies on decades old measurement techniques in small populations being compared against modern measurement techniques on dis-similar populations with small sample sizes.

  49. @JuliaM December 28, 2018 at 10:37 am

    You wrap sandwiches in either greaseproof or foil?

    Are you one of those group who live a retro life in a 1950s/60s furnished house, period car, clothes etc?

    Louis Theroux may like to meet you for a docu.

  50. @ Julia M
    You may be by now – my mother died years ago.
    When I am not in a rush I rewrap my cheese in greaseproof when I unpack it.
    Greaseproof is far superior – the bread doesn’t sweat as it does in plastic – but I don’t pack sandwiches (on the rare occasions when I should, I pack bread and filling and make them when it’s time to eat).

  51. I don’t pack sandwiches (on the rare occasions when I should, I pack bread and filling and make them when it’s time to eat)

    Good for you, but I’m not sure including a bread-knife and a pat of butter in a school lunch is going to work well.

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