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To borrow from Oscar Wilde, it would take a heart of stone to read about the fall of Milo without laughing.

Milo, if you’re lucky enough to be unaware of him, is a vicious right-wing troll (and former Telegraph journalist) who managed to build a very lucrative empire by saying and doing hateful things. “Feminism is cancer” was one of his hits.

Milo discovered that the more hateful your views, the bigger your profile becomes – and the bigger your profile, the more money you can make.

His rise demonstrated that despite what people in the media may have you believe, terrible views don’t die when you expose them; the people with those views just gain some more followers and make the world a slightly worse place. The same trick is working for the stupid man’s philosopher Jordan Peterson, and for former Trump strategist and human bin fire Steve Bannon.

Milo was kicked off Twitter, the no platforming worked.

Well, yes. And to take an example which isn’t personal here. It really wasn’t all that long ago that society said that the promotion of homosexuality was something that shouldn’t have a platform. Not long before that the act itself was a crime. And it was only two centuries ago – a blink in real terms – that this country executed more men in one year for buggery than murder.

A reasonable lesson from this being that no, we don’t want to no platform. Because if that power is around then it might well be us subject to it.

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  1. Steve

    That’s spoiled my lunch…..

    But in fairness, these people are unlikely to understand second order consequences even while ISIL fighters are hanging them from lampposts. They’ll still be drooling on about the patriarchy and ‘Islamophobia’. I think I am concluding the same as Steve – we are f%$*ed

  2. ” terrible views don’t die when you expose them; the people with those views just gain some more followers and make the world a slightly worse place. ”
    Relying on an adjective to advocate for the suppression of views makes the world a slightly worse place.

  3. Free speech is like a subway train. You ride till you get to your destination, then you get off. Likewise democracy.

  4. Carrie Marshall is a Nazi. She doesn’t counter what Jordan Peterson says, she just calls him stupid. Her demonizing Milo and Peterson is hate speech.

    She argues for not allowing anyone she thinks is stupid – or hateful – from speaking. She gets away with it now because the Right won’t apply the Left’s rules to the Left.

  5. VP – Sorry!

    Gamecock – Yeah, “she”. Let’s go with that, even though MRS BROWN’S BOYS was more convincing.

  6. The same trick is working for the stupid man’s philosopher Jordan Peterson, and for former Trump strategist and human bin fire Steve Bannon

    Is that millionaire author and concert hall filler Jordan Petersen she’s talking about? And Economist conference star Steve Bannon? Yeah, they’ve been no platformed a treat.

  7. I had hoped that one advantage of Trump would be that the Left might get a bit more realistic about giving more powers to the State. But no; even though they loathe the people in charge of the government, they still want it to have more power. Seems daft to me.

  8. I write features, news stories, columns, web copy, brochures, advertorials, press releases, profiles, tutorials, reviews, radio scripts, blogs and books.

    There’s enough variety there to suggest that this woman is a jack of trades and master of none. Beyond that, hawking your wares on a blog that’s guaranteed to chase away roughly half of your target market before they have even had a chance to actually consider your work on its merits seems somewhat counterproductive. But that’s just me.

  9. Marshall joins the parade of Lefties declaring who should not be allowed to speak. Spending their days figuring out who else should be indicted by Le Comité de salut public.

    Marshall et al are no less evil than Robespierre.

  10. No point, Tim, in trying to explain basic decency to the shite of the Left. They can no more understand than a fly could understand a medical explanation of why sicking germs on food is a bad idea.

    And the scum crow prematurely –a lot of leftist turds have likewise been de-platformed by the big tech fucks. The little-league left are also rivals of the Big Turds–who want folk brainwashed by their in-house shite–not by small fry left slugs who are costing the big battalions the business.

  11. The problem with ‘No Platforming’ people who hold populist (i.e popular) views is that eventually, the people they speak for will take to the streets with rocks and ropes instead.

  12. Nothing I have seen from Milo could, in any sane world, be classed as hateful or extreme. He doesn’t take prisoners, but uses humour, logic and facts to demolish his opponents and they don’t like it because they cannot compete in the battle of ideas. He is clearly their intellectual superior (likewise Jordan Peterson). That’s why they want to no-platform him.

    If the Overton window hadn’t slipped so far to the left, he would be regarded as pretty mild.

  13. @Longrider, December 6, 2018 at 6:32 pm


    Spot on description of Milo

    The fact he’s gay and prefers black cock winds the Left up even more: gays must be oppressed Left and all Right are racists.

  14. @ longrider.
    Milo’s presentation is outrageous. His ideas are not. It seems the left still views outrageousness as their right.
    The censurious lot will learn.

  15. I’m waiting, just waiting, for the day when Farceberk and Goggle, the fake-liberal oppressors of “far right Nazis” are themselves labelled “far right Nazis” when they accidentally de-platform someone who inadvertently falls off the right-wing edge of the left’s approved viewpoint spectrum.

    It will happen, the next time a Germaine Greer gets de-platformed.

  16. Bloke in North Dorset


    Twatter’s coming close to it for banning the feminist Meghan Murphy:

    Meghan Murphy is a freelance writer and journalist, and is the founder and editor of Feminist Current. She completed a Masters degree in the department of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies at Simon Fraser University in 2012.


    Meghan has been writing about feminism since 2010. She is known for going against the grain and was the first to publish a critique of Slutwalk, back in 2011, and was one of the only popular feminist bloggers to publicly articulate both a radical feminist and socialist position against the sex industry. Meghan’s critiques of third wave feminism, #twitterfeminism, burlesque, self-objectification in selfies, gender identity politics, and choice feminism have brought both acclaim and attacks, but most of all recognition as a writer who isn’t afraid to say something different, despite what popular feminism and mainstream media deem to be the party line.

    She was interviewed on the Quilette podcast about it and she really is everything you’d expect, even admitting that she has against letting others speak, but short of outright bans.

    Listening to her I had to keep reminding myself I supported all free speech, including hers.

    Her heinous crime: referring to a Trans-woman as him!

    And who’s come out in her support? As well as the usual feminists, all those fascist male patriarchs like Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin as well as right wing women such as Christina Summers.

    This is what you get when you don’t start from first principles.

  17. BiG I recall that as Germaine Greer has taken a more reasonable view than some of the current radical feminists that there have indeed been calls to no platform her
    Left turn on their own with a vicious passion as they try to claw their way to the top of the heap

  18. off topic (slightly, considering this topic) but I see Rod Liddle has upset the left by suggesting that Kate Osamor got a political post because of the colour of her skin.

    At least it’s got the left talking about one of their own MPs who employed her drug-dealing son and attacked a journalist. As they’d been pretty quiet about it up to now.

    And Labour’s spin nurse Owen Jones is having a hissy fit about it as well, which is always good news.

  19. Andy – A black fella who sells drugs?


    BniC – Trans writer Liz Duck-Chong says

    This is why satire is dead. I could try to make fun of xer, but what would be the point? Godfrey wept.

    BiG – It will happen, the next time a Germaine Greer gets de-platformed.

    Nah, because white “cis” (i.e. actual) women are overdue getting thrown under the intersectional bus. They’re already on notice from the woker red guardianistas.

    Same goes for gay fellas. Estimable bummer Peter Tatchell is going to come to the horrible realisation one day soon that he’s now a conservative. And that’s one closet nobody thanks you for coming out of.

    By the time this crazy ride’s over it’ll just be one-eyed genderfluid molluscsexual Somalian Thalidomide victims with bespoke artisanal strains of AIDS left standing, righteously lecturing lesser victims on their cancer privilege.

    It’s impressive though, how quickly the left has convinced these internet globomegacorps to destroy their own business model.

    Twitter, Facebook, etc., by ever more aggressively purging users and rolling out automated Badthink filters, have become the world’s first anti-social networks.

    Billions of dollars of investor capital and some of the finest minds of MIT being burned to make the internet safe for rainbow haired she-twinks and the goony beardmen who hope to be the recipients of their grudging, joyless pity-sex one day (before the inevitable rape allegations).

    At least tulips looked nice.

  20. …terrible views don’t die when you expose them

    …which I guess explains the persistence of socialism.

  21. Labour family’s shame – Rod Liddle
    “What a fabulous family the Osamors are.

    A real credit to the country, to the Labour Party and to the House of Commons.

    do you suppose that either would be in the ­positions they are now were it not for the colour of their skin?”

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