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Dangerously close….

Four stowaways who allegedly threatened the crew of a cargo ship with armed bars were detained by police on Friday night after an operation to secure the vessel was launched off the Kent coast.

The crew of Grande Tema, en route from Lagos in Nigeria to Tilbury in Essex, locked themselves on the bridge after the stowaways they had discovered broke free from a cabin and started to make their demands.

The men had allegedly demanded the crew sail close to the British coast so they could jump off and swim ashore.

….to piracy on the high seas with violence there. Pity T. Blair changed the law on this really. Using Execution Dock again would provide a notable lesson and warning….

21 thoughts on “Dangerously close….”

  1. Parsing “threatened the crew of a cargo ship with armed bars” is a labour of some difficulty. Typo? Is this in the Second Amendment sense of armed bears. In which case was this a cargo of Tilbury bound bears the Nigerians armed? Or did the Nigerians smuggle the bears & their weaponry aboard along with themselves?

  2. Don’t think the Execution Dock project would have flown, anyway, BLiar or no BLiar. One can be sure the Safety Elf would have had something to say about goings on of that nature. Somebody could have got seriously injured if not killed.

  3. According to SkyNews:

    Essex Police said they were not treating the incident as a “hostage, piracy or terror-related”

    It would clearly appear to be a case of piracy, by not treating it as such will only encourage more such incidents.

  4. I have no idea myself but it has been said elsewhere that it has to happen on the open ocean to be technically “piracy”.

    Is it TWOCing, perhaps?

  5. Four men overpowered a crew of 30? Wow! Merchant seamen have changed since my grandfathers day!

    Indeed. In the old days, said merchant seamen would have given them a damn good thrashing and been applauded for it.

    Now they’d be up on racism/hate crime charges.

  6. Four men have been detained under the Immigration Act”.

    So they were just trying to enter the UK illegally, threatening others with violence is not something we seem to want to discourage.

  7. How close is ‘close to the British shore’ anyway. 1km with a current against you is a very long swim, and I don’t think the stowaways would have made it. I feel the simplest solution of giving them what they said they want has been dismissed. I’m not feeling very charitable today.

  8. Good point, Bongo. Plus the temperature of the could well have done for them.

    As NiV would say, who are we to decide who comes into our country. He’d probably put the ‘our’ in scare quotes.

  9. bis,

    At least they could theoretically get 15 years for failing to fill in a risk assessment before attacking the crew.

  10. JuliaM said:
    “@DocBud: What the hell are they treating it as, shoplifting..?!?”

    Breach of maritime safety regulations by the crew, as no-one was in the engine room at the time?

    Over-crowding by the owners, with 30 crew all crammed in the bridge?

    Carrying passengers without the appropriate licence?

    Failure to provide adequate food and drink to asylum seekers?

  11. JuliaM said:
    “Merchant seamen have changed since my grandfathers day!”

    Indeed they have. I don’t know about this ship in particular, but the crew are frequently Filipino these days. Not saying they aren’t capable, but they’re probably half the size seamen were back then!

  12. The idea that any British government would ever impose the death penalty, if it were still available, on members of an ‘oppressed’ minority is laughable.

    Their actions will always be excused by the establishment and media, while those of white men never will be.

  13. “I just looked it up; it’s an Italian ship. Are we still surprised they surrendered?”
    They didn’t take the easiest way out and do what they were told. These days that counts as a plus.

  14. They got into the UK successfully without even getting wet. We even gave them a lift. Spent a fortune doing so. Now we’ll spend more money accommodating them, then waste money taking them to court only to have them eventually be permitted to stay anyway.

    The death sentence is on us.

  15. If the Merchant Seamen are anything like the ones I see wandering the street in my town, a fit 12 year old girl could give them a beating.

  16. I love that Wikipedia illustrated the affray page with a pointlessly random street fight (that might not even be occurring in any of the jurisdictions mentioned).

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