Eat it

Sadly, that answer wouldn’t have provided research grants at Loughborough University (Shurely, Shporting College? – Ed)

Five ways to cut down your food waste this Christmas

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  1. Blair kneejerk banned slop feeding of pigs after some twat didn’t obey the existing laws and rules, which caused a disease outbreak.

    As TimN says, Blair has an awful lot to answer for…

  2. ‘The average family throws away about £700 worth of food each year.’


    Journalist should be synonymous with dumbass. Calling someone a journalist should be a hate crime.

  3. Probably better if I’d read that load of crap before I’d imbibed the couple of large g&t’s commence this evening’s debauchery. The urge to lay about Elliot Woolley’s smug unshaven sanctimonious interfering clock with a stout length of wood is overpowering. Taken me from placid contentment seething anger is under a minute. Grrr…

  4. ‘Research from Loughborough University explored the reasons behind all of this consumer food waste.’

    Conclusion of the study: Time to defund Loughborough University.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset


    “The average family throws away about £700 worth of food each year.’


    Indeed. If that was the case they be offering me £500 for it, they aren’t, so it isn’t.

  6. “close it and put them all on dole forever with only food being gruel”

    But they must eat yesterday’s before they get anymore. “Waste not, want not.”

  7. abacab: just like they increased the red tape on unpasturised milk because idiots making pasturised milk didn’t operate their machines properly. My milkman gave up because the extra regulations made it not worth it.

  8. These reports never address the impact on the economy if the food was not produced, processed and purchased. I’d love a business where people bought more than they need.

  9. “Time to defund Loughborough University.”
    Nah. Low level strike. Napalm. Strafe any survivors. Munitions not expended, secondary target Essex.

  10. Purge, Purge, Purge.

    Simple enough.

    BTW–I watched Mark Gatiss’s BBC Ghost Story effort last night. The first 15 minutes consisted of some some pompous WOMI windbag expounding on why the Good Old Days of Radio Ghost stories were so much better than today. To some bored young Asian female producer–to supposedly show how much superiority resides in the BBC’s hoped for multi-culti paradise presumably. A few semi-timeshifts then happen with the WOMI bore being shifted to some reality–the past presumably– and back. This so un-nerved the middle class puke that he began blubber/blabbering about some homosexual encounter he had had in the hot summer of 1976. At that point I pressed the button to watch the Carol Service on 1TV.

    Gatiss is supposedly an M R James fan. Had he torn up the Collected works of James, put them in a bucket and pissed in said bucket on camera he could have produced no worse a spectacle than his BBC–ie us– funded POS.

  11. BiS

    Make you miss one of my sons when you fly over in your Spitfire.

    He’s doing Mechanical Engineering at Loughborough. If you leave out the renewable energy stuff, still quite sound.

    Also full of lovely sporty ladies. Blokes too, but I leave those to the ladies.

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