All of which presumably is why Keynes himself was converted to the idea by 1942. Thus this is what we should do next recession. Forget all those grand spending plans which won’t come to fruition in time to do any good. Cut national insurance so as to leave more cash to fructify in the pockets of the populace. It’s effective, timely, possible and works. The only people who will complain being those politicians who have far too healthy an interest in spending more of ours rather than less. To whom the correct answer is “Diddums”.

5 thoughts on “Elsewhere”

  1. If grand spending plans don’t come to fruition in time to do any good, start them sufficiently far in advance to do some good.
    Its not as if recessions are so far apart that we cannot ever anticipate them happening again.

  2. Tim, do you know what’s going on at Capx.co? There used to be a dozen or so articles of their own a day, now they’re down to two or three.

  3. Never was that much. 20 own articles a week is about right. Bit of daily variance but that’s about what the system is.

  4. You’ve heard the phrase “Don’t piss in the soup” I trust?

    That’s published on a site I write for, from a paper published by the think tank which finances the site…..

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