EU Child Birth Policy

Sounds like it could be true? 

7 thoughts on “EU Child Birth Policy”

  1. I’m puzzled by the links to the other place. Surely people who frequent this one are aware of the other?

  2. a) It’s not an EU competence
    b) Greek fertility rates are on a par with German ones

    By all means do humour, but at least use reality as a starting point.

  3. @TMB – I assume it’s to help search engine rankings… I certainly look at both (probably a bit too often!)

  4. i’ve stopped being able to load the CT pages. Something to do with HTPPS protocol. Anyone else fixed this?

  5. I think that good humour is good.

    To my mind, this isn’t even humour.

    Language is part of it.

    Not good.

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