Looking at a listing of the Grammys. Just the major three sets of nominations, song, album, record.

I realise that I’ve heard none of the nominations. In fact, haven’t even heard of the majority of them or the artists.


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  1. My theory has long been that as you age you may come to appreciate your parents’ music but you’ll never get used to your kids’. So, you don’t pay much attention to new singers and musicians. My wife once needled me saying that the most recent new artist I was aware of was Bruce Springsteen. If I just have the car radio on I usually listen to the jazz station as even the oldies stations now play a lot of stuff I haven’t heard of.

    When people fantasize about living for centuries I think the hardest part of that would be missing the music of your youth. Imagine being a thousand years old and trying to good a good Gregorian chant on the radio.

  2. heh, heh. Perhaps. But my grandfather was born in the horse and buggy era, was already a young man at the dawn of the automotive age, but he still knew what a moon capsule was.

    I suppose it is likely that if you ever could live to be a thousand you’d just spend nine centuries senile.

  3. One problem is that we don’t really have the same small group of super stars.

    I let my kids play their music in the car and it’s not top 40 or even the club chart. They’ve got things like KD/A used to promote League of Legends, Babymetal, Orange Caramel, BTS, strange electronic violinists from the USA. Almost none of these have been on the radio.

    It’s not just that you’re an old fart. It’s also that there isn’t the same 10 names constantly cropping up in the news like there once was. Even if you’d never heard the music of Michael Jackson or Madonna in the 80s, you’d have heard of them.

  4. Autotune has fucked music up. Fucking autotune.

    Well up to a point in that a lot of singers who can’t sing suddenly sort of can but my bugbear is compression which is almost universally over-used and emasculates the song’s dynamic.

  5. I think Bloke on M4 is right. I still listen to new music, even buy it, but nothing that comes close to hitting a chart.

    My kids listen to all sorts of old stuff, because they have access to back catalogues in a way we didn’t. It used to be once a record ceased production your only option was second hand.

  6. Tommydog, Radio 3 routinely plays Gregorian chants. Look out for the early music show on either Saturday or Sunday afternoon, or choral evensong weekdays from, IIRC, 3.30pm.

  7. They say you resonate with the music in the charts when you’re 17 – acts as an anchor. Which leaves me with Engelbert Humperdinck and Des O’Connor.

  8. I dunno.

    If I listened to the top 40 today there would probably be two or three I liked but that was the same most of the time 30 years ago.

    By the time you get older you have a bank of music you really like and compare it with what’s on now but you forget it took decades to build up your favourites list.

    And of course there’s only so much music you can listen to so if you already have lots you like you don’t really go looking.

    Swerving slightly off topic, I remember carved into a desk at school a profound comment on musical trends in 1980

    Mods are dying
    Punk is dead
    That’s the power
    Of Motorhead.

  9. Edward Lud said:
    “Radio 3 routinely plays Gregorian chants. … choral evensong weekdays”

    As a Gregorian chant (and jazz) fan, I disagree. Choral evensong vary rarely has any. It’s almost all Anglican chant, which is far too modern and melodic for a Gregorian fan.

    Even when the early music programmes play chant, from what I’ve heard it tends to be polyphony, not pure Gregorian.

    Fortunately it is now relatively easy to get reasonable quality CDs from abbeys.

  10. Bernie G. said:
    “They say you resonate with the music in the charts when you’re 17”

    Help – that means I get Kylie and Cliff!

  11. I wonder if they all have a dreadful wailing female singer staggering from one wildly discordant scale to another. The gym I sometimes attend has a music playlist which seems to be exclusively made up of this.

    Presumably the female members like it.

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