Her numbers never do add up, do they?

Eight-year-old Finley has always had things tough. He has autism and a bowel condition, and is scared by crowds and noise. Finley’s mum, Lisa, is disabled and does the best she can, but the costs are colossal. Finley’s special nappies alone cost £60 a month. Since Lisa became too ill to work, social security has been their lifeline – from specialist food to keep Finley healthy to therapy toys to make him less anxious.

Then universal credit came in. The inbuilt six-week wait stopped the family’s only income – “[It] left me with literally no money in that time,” Lisa says – and her benefits now vary month to month.

What’s more, under universal credit, disabled kids like Finley are seeing their child disability payment cut in half – that’s a loss of more than £1,750 a year – and Lisa has had to start using her own disability benefits to top up Finley’s.

The family car recently broke down and they were housebound as they saved to fix it. Respite care for Finley – a precious breather for both him and Lisa – has ended. Even Christmas has to be rationed.

“We’ve had to limit Finley’s expectations about Christmas, saying that Santa will bring one or two presents this year,” Lisa says. “We’re not taking him to see Santa in the runup to Christmas because we can’t afford it.”

Who is the “we” here? And why isn’t the other part of the “we”‘s income included in the calculations?

12 thoughts on “Her numbers never do add up, do they?”

  1. I’ve come to realise that all Grandiusle stories ought to begin “Once upon a time…”.

    Johann Hari must still be beavering away somewhere in there.

  2. Where’s Finley’s Dad? What does he contribute? If he is a feckless unreliable twat then why was a “disabled” woman having a child that she can’t support?And what is the nature of the female’s “disability”?

    Now an autistic kid can be a big handful. Anyone trying to cope on their own could use the help. Leaving aside the fact that the stupid cow got herself up the duff in the first place.

    I will say that any money saved on these two will be peanuts compared to the fuckwit waste that scummy BluLabour indulges in daily. Toy train sets, Crossrails , migrant hordes, foreign aid, half-arsed wars and a huge number more. So why did the idiots save a pathetic pile of peanuts on sob-story fodder like the above and provide the scum of the left with even the makings of their cockrot “Austerity” narrative. The propaganda benefits that load of shite has brought the left are vastly more costly to the left’s enemies than the few quid–compared to the corporate welfare the Tories hand out say–that IDS and his buffoon squad have “saved”.

    If it helps get Jizza and his turd circus in then it is the most expensive “savings” BluLabour have ever made. And the rest of us also.

  3. I knew it would be Frances Ryan with her relentless pity columns.

    The thing is, every single one of her examples are obfuscated like this.

    I found the first one or two I read potentially interesting – it’s not often we get to hear details in the press about anything much, so an insight into life on benefits could be valuable, if only so we can let reality guide policy decisions.

    But I quickly realised she glosses over obvious questions and steers hard away from hard calculations and proper explanations that might actually show the *truth*.

    Now I just wonder whether she is a propagandist for cynical reasons (the truth doesn’t matter because my end goal is good) or naive reasons (couldn’t analyse a financial situation if her life depended on it).

    My guess is both.

  4. A commenter writes: “The very best Christmas present for all children with disabilities and families living in poverty, would be the complete collapse of the Conservative government, Brexit and an end to austerity.”

    Governmental collapse is a good thing now, it seems!

  5. “The very best Christmas present for all children with disabilities and families living in poverty, would be the complete collapse of the Conservative government, Brexit and an end to austerity.”

    Yes, I’m sure Brexit not happening will make a disabled kid’s day.

    What a twat. Still, any weapon that comes to hand, eh?

  6. “Who is the we here?”
    Depends if she’s recounting the conversation verbatim. One always needs to exercise caution you’re not dealing with the pluralised first person singular pronouns I grew up with. We replacing I & us, me. Can be very misleading.

  7. ‘Kids used to be perfectly happy getting just “one or two” Christmas presents.’

    I can remember a year when I was happy with a quarter of a Xmas present. Mind you, I was fourteen, not a nipper.

  8. There is provision in UC for advance payments for those starting UC and there should not be a six-week waiting period for those transferring from other social security provisions.
    She is just making this up.

  9. Liverpool Council are spending £6.6M pa on, by their admission, “adult” child refugees.

    After age test proof obtained, “adult” child’s lawyers contest result.

    Lawyers like this (eg Phil Shiner) are evil and deserve a lamppost & rope.
    Brexit Betrayal March
    Please join us this Sunday 9th December at the Dorchester Hotel @ 11.45am, Post Code: W1K 1QA

  10. You mean those men with beards we said were adults, and were obviously adults to anyone with functioning eyes and brain, are in fact adults? Amazed. The BBC and the rest of the Left denounced anyone who said so as haters and extremists, but now they report “oh yeah, so they were adults”.

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