Christmas travellers face fog, traffic and reduced rail services

England has winter weather in winter.

Suppose it is actually a newspaper story. Hasn’t climate change abolished winter already?

12 thoughts on “Horrors!”

  1. Misery travel. Thank god I’m not involved. Getting home, commuting, on an average night is probably a bigger pain than these marathon Christmas repatriations – which are usually more an adventure, a competitive challenge that ends in a reward.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    On a similar theme and based on anecdotal evidence only, but expect breathless headlines saying we’re doomed because high street retailers have had a bad Christmas, with Brexit being the cause.

    I popped in to Lidl and Tesco in Blandford on my way back from the gym and they were very quiet. Mrs BiND was in Sherborne and she said it was very quiet, and they had free parking.

    On the other hand there does seem to have been a lot of supermarket delivery vans about.

  3. I find it varies, a year or so of busy followed by a couple of years of not getting stuck in that queue again then people start noticing it’s quiet and back to busy

  4. Bloke in North Dorset


    “Most folk only do last minute shopping on Xmas eve. Quiet just then hardly shows a retail apocalypse.”

    I discussed this with friends in the pub this evening (after the carol singers) and apparently it was the same in Tesco Friday and Saturday.

  5. I was in Tesco near me yesterday afternoon. Compared to avg Sunday:

    Costa first for coffee and ~10% busier. Tesco shop followed and food & drink areas plus tills ~20% busier.

    Had to pop in to Morrisons today ~1730 – dead, run-out of fresh bread, cakes etc. I bought Nothing.

    Their stock control, like their Cafe becomes worse every week. Anyone with Morrisons gripes?

  6. I popped into Morrison’s to get a handful of veg at lunchtime and I’d run out of teabags, and it was fairly quiet. I half-planned to get a chunk of hot roast pork joint for a lazy lunch, but all they had was various sizes of chickens.

  7. Christmas Day here in the South Island of New Zealand.All the doors and windows open and a fan blasting air into the Living room in an attempt to bring down the temperature. North Island has had such heavy rain that they have severe flooding. It is too hot to be Christmas , it just does not feel the same.

  8. Never mind fog or traffic – I discovered my new route to my parents place (having stopped going the direct way after it got average speed cameras) has also now got average speed cameras… Nothing more irritating than sitting on an empty dual carriageway at 10pm focusing almost entirely on trying to hold the speed dead on 70. Grrrrrrr.

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